OUR VIEW: The Thread is an asset

Published 10:31 am Friday, February 12, 2021

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We realize that it’s easy to think that the grass is always greener somewhere else. Another city might have something we don’t, such as a Target. Or an Olive Garden. (Gasp!)

We all have our wish lists.

But few other communities, especially the size of LaGrange, have amenities such as The Thread, Southbend Park, Granger Park, etc.

The weather was warm on Wednesday afternoon, even reaching 70 degrees, and Southbend Park was full of kids. Children were running all over the place, sliding down slides, swinging high into the air and enjoying a beautiful day in the middle of a cold February.

The skatepark was also busy, as it always is. Many wondered if there were enough skateboarders in LaGrange to make building it justifiable, but we think the answer is obvious now.

There is always someone at the skatepark.

(Many wore masks, just to ensure they were safe. We were glad to see that.)

We also enjoy seeing people make use of The Thread. Few other cities have a walking trail that can so easily accommodate people of all ages.

The Thread gives people and dogs plenty of room to walk.

Many enjoy riding their bike around the spacious walkways. There are benches to sit on for a quick rest, and many of the trees at Granger Park are even labeled so that our youth can learn more about them.

Whether or not you’re a walker or runner, we all need more exercise and fresh air. During this pandemic, the Thread has been an outlet for many — a way to get out of the house, stay safe and stretch our legs.

Looking back, it’s incredible how quickly The Thread, which first opened in 2017, has already taken off. 

It’s a selling point for people who consider moving to our community, and so are the city’s parks. It’s clear the investment our city and its citizens have made in parks has been worthwhile.

The weather will be a little colder over the next few days, but we hope when it warms up to see more folks back out and about at the parks and The Thread.