Brace for the cold this week

Published 2:15 pm Monday, February 15, 2021

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A winter storm impacted much of the south Sunday going into Monday, with extremely cold temperatures and icy roadways expected.

We were much luckier in Troup County, as our only concern was rain (but not freezing rain) and to dig through the closet for our big jackets to battle the cold. We’re thinking about the rest of the South as we write this, knowing the impact that ice and snow can have on life in the Southeast.

But even though the brunt of the storm missed us, temperatures are still going to be extremely cold over the next few days. The low will be below freezing several times this week, including Tuesday, when temperatures won’t get above the 30s all day long.

The low temps return again Friday night into Saturday morning, where the low is currently forecasted as 22 degrees.

In these kinds of temperatures, we suggest checking on the elderly, whether that’s family members or neighbors. Make sure they have adequate heat as we deal with this additional wave of cool weather.

We’re also sure the Warming Center could use some assistance, usually in the form of manpower. People are usually willing to give up blankets, clothes, and food — which is great — but the Warming Center also needs volunteers to be there and help as people come in and out of the center.

This is going to be one of the colder weeks of the year, so bundle up and stay warm.