Chamber welcomed back Tournesol; owner highlights store’s unique offerings

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Tournesol, LLC rejoined the LaGrange-Troup Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 9. The store marked the occasion with a ribbon cutting at their hillside location on 612 Lincoln Street. The store moved to the location in 2017. It was previously located in downtown LaGrange on Main Street.

Will Titman, the owner of the store, said his goal for his store is to have something for everybody, no matter what their taste or preferences.

“We try and be a one stop shop. There’s really something for everybody.That’s what our business is,” Titman said. “We don’t do a lot of the games like the department stores… We do fair pricing and emphasize customer service.”

Titman, a pathologist in Coffee County, said he manages both his career and the store which he considers a passion of his.

“For some reason, I have always been fascinated with retail. I wanted to do it and so I did it,” he said. “I’ve split my time between two businesses or jobs for quite a while. Sometimes it’s a little disorienting. [I] come home from doing pathology for the weekend, and [I] have to restart and get it set in [my] mind like, ‘where are things? Where’s the backstock?’”

Titman said there are a lot of unique items in his store for patrons to peruse.

“We have our gourmet food section. I try and find Georgia items,” he said. “So like the pecans are from Georgia. The beef jerky is from Georgia.”

One feature that makes his store unique is how Tournesol handles wedding gifts and registries. Titman said he works with brides to make sure they get what they want from their registry. He, also, works on the other side of the registry with brands and attendees of the wedding.

“There are products that they refuse to allow on Amazon so you won’t get Woodland. The other thing is we’ll make sure you get it,” Titman said. “Plus, we wrap it and it doesn’t have to be shipped. We don’t have to worry about breakage.”

One moment that exemplified this for Titman happened recently as he helped a bride get the plates she wanted.

“I got her a catalog and I said, ‘look all you need to do is write down which animal you want’,” he said. “So, they sat here on the floor and picked out and wrote down the animals they wanted.”

Titman said he loves getting to know each customer when they walk through the door. He said this past November highlighted what he wants his store to be for the LaGrange community.

“We had a big buffet. We had the food catered, we had music. We had well over 200 people show up.” Titman said.

“People were just having a good time because they ran into people they knew. They’re just talking and having a good time, enjoying the food and music. It’s like this is what we meant this to be.”