Adaptive Growth and Cultural Advancement Organization updates city council on their work in the community

Published 10:00 am Thursday, January 13, 2022

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The Adaptive Growth and Cultural Advancement Organization (AGCAO) presented the LaGrange City Council with an update on their work in the community Tuesday night.

It was the organization’s first update to the council since February 2021. The council had given AGCAO $12,000 for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Leon Bridges spoke on the organization’s continued work, such as after-school efforts and initiatives to encourage students to keep their grades up. He also had two of his tutors — both from the Troup High School Ambassador program — speak on behalf of the organization.

“We currently have five to eight tutors from the Troup High ambassador program, two of my students are here from the ambassador program,” Bridges said. ‘

“We currently serve 40 to 50 students per week. This is not an after-school program that just does something up spur of the moment. It is every single week.”

Bridges said community support allows the organization to pay tutors above minimum wage. He also said the support allowed for new initiatives to be started.

“Because of your support and other entities, I am proud to announce that we were able to pay all of our tutors $15 an hour,” Bridges said.

“[A new] initiative is to incentivize and give the youth the motivation to stay on the right track and make good grades. Ever since March of 2021 to January of 2022, we have been able to give students over $4,000 in scholarships.”

Mayor Jim Thornton said AGCAO applies for funding every year and they meet the requirements for funding from the council.

“Every spring, we have a certain number of outside agencies that apply for funding,” Thornton said.

“It has to be a program that’s providing services to city residents that would not otherwise be able to receive the services. AGCO applies every year.”

Thornton thanked the organization on Tuesday night and said he values the work of the organization.

“We value the work that you’re doing and appreciate all that you do and all the lives that you’re touching. Thank you all for your hard work,” Thornton said.

Council Member Willie Edmondson said he was impressed by the presentation at the meeting.

“I was thoroughly impressed. And I was very happy to see the people that he’s using. He’s using high school students to help tutor these children,” Edmondson said. “That’s giving back to the community, as well as helping the youth that needs jobs.”

Two students spoke on behalf of the nonprofit at Tuesday’s city council meeting. (Photo/Iris Hersey)