‘Living Hope’

Churches provide ‘Living Hope’ in Honduras

LaGRANGE – Jesus once said that you would recognize a tree by its fruits, and the fruits of more than 20 years of labor by local churches is becoming strikingly visible in Gualaco, Honduras.

Gualaco is a small city in Honduras where Broad Street Church of Christ and First Baptist Church on the Square have been working to help bring Christ and education to for years. The city where the group visited is about four hours away from the capital in Tegucigalpa – with the travel time being largely affected by road quality – and the clay buildings of the city contrast sharply with the satellite dishes, but the education being offered by the churches involved is a value for both the community there and the churches here.

“Something unique about that pastor’s conference is it is Baptist and Church of Christ pastors together,” said Amy Peak, who recently returned from her sixth trip to the region. “… We find that… there are a lot of things that we really don’t believe that differently about.”

Broad Street Church of Christ initially led the mission effort into the region, but now churches from Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama all work together to help the people living there.

“My responsibilities were something that started about a year ago; we started a pastor’s training school,” said Tom Farr, who just returned from his first trip to the region. “The pastors of the churches down there are very hungry for leadership training, theological training, and they have very little means of (obtaining) that kind of training there in Honduras.”

Farr and Broad Street Church of God’s Pastor Gary Kikrendall worked together at the churches to teach the pastors from the book of II Timothy which was written by Paul to train Timothy in church leadership.

To learn more about the Honduras mission in Gualaco, go to livinghope4honduras.org or read Friday’s edition of the LaGrange Daily News.


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