Letter: What racial divide, Mr. Wolfe?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 13, 2015

What happened in Troup County 20 years ago to make the local Ricky Wolfe use that time for a “racial divide”? What is Ricky Wolfe referencing?

White, guilt ridden, elitist liberals like Ricky Wolfe with their failed policies, seek to continue the racial divide with their hypocritical rhetoric to make themselves feel good and give the impression that they care. Guilt ridden liberals have forever promoted their interests, which are power and money using their liberal ideas to rule over the ruins of far too many.

History and civics education inform me that policies of the federal government, violations of the U.S. Constitution, reconstruction, bureaus, agencies, Departments of Education, eliminating history and civics from the curriculum, indoctrinating school children with socialists propaganda, teaching children they are victims and politics of envy and wealth redistribution inculcated, have caused much racial division.

Enough damage has been done.

However, people of virtue and integrity of all races get along just fine, thank you Mr. Wolfe, and do not need the involvement of government or guilt-ridden liberals to bridge any racial divide with another failed government program or policy.

Does Ricky Wolfe along with city councils and commissioners plan to create another failed “initiative,” like Wolfe’s “strategic planning group” that he formed, which was a 16-person committee that for three or four years consisted of only white elitists using taxpayer funds meeting monthly, talking about eradicating poverty?

Poverty went up in Troup County while they were talking about eradicating it.

Their latest talk-fest has been “how to create a world class education system in Troup County.”

They finally concluded after meeting over six months discussing this issue, that they don’t have the authority to do anything about education. Their latest proposal has been to bring in more government-sponsored studies to the tune of $200,000. This new plan is under West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson’s chairmanship.

Ricky Wolfe’s “strategic planning group” was all white until he recently left as chairman. Interesting, isn’t it?

It’s also interesting that during the recent election for chair of the Troup Board of Commissioners, Ricky Wolfe, a white, liberal Democrat, gave a generous financial contribution to his white, hand-picked Republican candidate, Patrick Crews.

There was a fine, qualified black Democrat with documented leadership skills, Mr. Jerome Alford, running for chairman of the Board of Commissioners, who had not received a financial contribution from the white, liberal Democrat, Ricky Wolfe.

Only when Ricky Wolfe was confronted numerous times did he finally make a similar financial contribution to this black man’s Democratic campaign. This is a matter of public record.

This is the same Ricky Wolfe who says he wants to “bridge the racial divide.”

What a crock! Let me be clear on this issue.

All are free to give financial support to whomever they choose, but the point of bringing this issue to light is to show the utter hypocrisy of Ricky Wolfe. Keep this in mind as you hear more about this “racial divide” issue that Ricky Wolfe and other selected officials are going to fix with more government, more than likely at tax payers’ expense.

Several other questions: If Ricky Wolfe “recognized this issue sometime ago,” why is he and other local officials making it an issue now?

Was this “retreat” of city council members private? Ricky Wolfe, how does “everyone” bear responsibility for the racial divide?

Mr. Wolfe says the “white community” – who is he talking about? – has to realize that “things have happened in our communities that have caused racial divides.” What “things” is he talking about?

Come on Mr. Wolfe, making such general statements indicting a whole community is disingenuous at best and outright bigoted at worse.

Ellen Gilmore

West Point