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OUR VIEW: Plenty of vaccines available if you want one

On Thursday, we were informed by the District 4 Public Health that there are still plenty of vaccine appointments available. Read more

2 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

Letter: People rushed to help me during medical emergency

Dear Editor, On Sunday, April 11, I was in LaGrange shopping and on the way back to my car, I suddenly tripped and fell facedown ... Read more

3 days ago by Daniel Evans.

OUR VIEW: Taylor takes initiative in cleaning up lake

We’ve written a couple of times recently about the importance of picking up trash at West Point Lake. Read more

3 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

SWINDLE: Future of the Second Amendment

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Author Unknown, but many attribute this quote to Albert ... Read more

3 days ago by Jason Swindle.

WHATLEY COLUMN: The caterpillar and the butterfly

Two of my favorite symbols of the resurrection are the caterpillar and butterfly. They are very different and yet they are the same creature … ... Read more

3 days ago by Charles "Buddy" Whatley.

YARBROUGH COLUMN: Delta and Coca-Cola caught in middle of voting controversy

Despite their billion dollar balance sheets, large public corporations have the backbone of a jellyfish. Put enough pressure on them and they will fold like ... Read more

4 days ago by Dick Yarbrough.

TURES COLUMN: Is there race-based voting in America?

I’m sure you are convinced that race-based voting is rampant in American politics. But what you’re probably thinking of is whether certain groups support certain ... Read more

4 days ago by John A. Tures.

OUR VIEW: Communication remains key in SDS talks

If you’re dizzy from hearing about the Service Delivery Strategy talks between the cities of West Point and Hogansville and Troup County, then you aren’t ... Read more

5 days ago by Daniel Evans.

BOWEN COLUMN: Greatest motivator of modern times

It wasn’t our modern-day hero’s own faith that saw him through his very first crisis. It was his grandmother’s. It is quite a story. Nine ... Read more

5 days ago by Steven Ray Bowen.

GENDUSA COLUMN: Those tumbled down days

Some days, life seems to take a tumble, a misstep, or when it feels as if something is just plain off. Days when our energy ... Read more

5 days ago by Lynn Gendusa.

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