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OUR VIEW: Election Day is almost here

Election Day is almost here. This feels like the most elongated election season we’ve ever dealt with in Troup County, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic ... Read more

18 hours ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

TURES: Wisconsin law might provide justice for George Floyd in Minnesota

Imagine a story where a military officer loses his son dying in a struggle with police officers after fleeing a possible DUI. The man gets ... Read more

2 days ago by Dustin Duncan.

YARBROUGH: Is there no place these days for thoughtful discourse

My column last week on a radio commentary by the late Paul Harvey drew a lot of reader response from across the state, all of ... Read more

2 days ago by Dick Yarbrough.

GENDUSA: Reaching deep and climbing up

This morning, buildings are burning, racism is rampant, a virus is killing, people are hurting. To read a paper or watch the news on television ... Read more

3 days ago by Lynn Gendusa.

BOWEN: Raccoon John Smith’s lesson from a log

Funny where the best lessons come from—a pandemic, perhaps, or maybe a good old-fashioned sit-down ‘talk’ with mama, or just from the famous school of ... Read more

3 days ago by Steven Ray Bowen.

Need more stories like Carl Green’s

Anybody who has shopped at Walmart in LaGrange has probably had an interaction with Carl Green. You may not remember his name, but you most ... Read more

3 days ago by Dustin Duncan.

Superintendent Brian Shumate: Reflecting on the first year

After living in Troup County and leading the Troup County School System (TCSS) for the past 11 months, I think the time is right for ... Read more

4 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

SWINDLE: A witness to peace

At 8 p.m. on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 46-year-old George Floyd is being accused by a store clerk of using a counterfeit 20-dollar ... Read more

4 days ago by Jason Swindle.

EVANS: LaGrange sets example during difficult time

Like many of you, I spent part of my weekend watching television as protestors around the country marched in response to the death of George ... Read more

5 days ago by Daniel Evans.

George Floyd is not a police training issue

The death of George Floyd is not a police training issue. Recently, I received an email from a member of our community regarding the video ... Read more

1 week ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

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