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OUR VIEW: Thanks to Kelsey for 25 years of service

The LaGrange City Council honored City Manager Meg Kelsey on Thursday on her 25 years of working for the city. Kelsey, who has been the city’s ... Read more

6 hours ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

SMITH COLUMN: Jon Fabris is still coaching

Jon Fabris is still coaching — this time, however, it is akin to home schooling since his instructional expertise is reserved exclusively for a most ... Read more

8 hours ago by Loran Smith.

YARBROUGH COLUMN: Final Olympic memory a lasting one

One last word about the 25th anniversary of the Centennial Olympic Games and then we will move on.  Nostalgia is not one of my strong ... Read more

1 day ago by Dick Yarbrough.

TURES COLUMN: Let’s cheer on USA athletes

I can’t believe I even need to write this column, but it has become fashionable by some politicians and pundits who claim to “love America,” ... Read more

1 day ago by John A. Tures.

SMITH COLUMN: Sarah McKinney

Sarah McKinney has an enlarged heart.   Before going any further, be comforted that her big heart is not a medical liability but an asset ... Read more

2 days ago by Loran Smith.

COLUMN: Ignoring his eyes upon us

My freedom, my rights, my choices!” My, my, my, how many times have we heard those expressions! “You can’t make me do something I don’t ... Read more

2 days ago by Lynn Gendusa.

OUR VIEW: Those SEC chants may get louder

Unfortunately, as a nation, we’re fairly divided right now. Try to talk to your neighbor about politics or your co-worker about the COVID-19 pandemic, and ... Read more

2 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

BOWN COLUMN: Lost in Yellowstone Chapter 1: The journey begins

Perhaps I should introduce by saying that the days of the week will forever be defined by the seven days of that journey. Today, Tuesday, ... Read more

3 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

OUR VIEW: Continue to be patient with restaurants amid job shortage, other COVID-19 issues

A few months ago we wrote an editorial asking the public to be generous and understanding when out to eat or when shopping at a ... Read more

3 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

BERNARD COLUMN: Policing and the black community

I have multiple family members who have retired from law enforcement. In particular, policing local communities can be a tough and unrewarding job.  Read more

6 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

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