Police: Duo fights ‘like children’ over weed eater

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A woman told police Monday she was injured Saturday after she and a man fought over a weed eater at an apartment in LaGrange.

Police responded to West Georgia Medical Center at 1514 Vernon Road around noon and the woman said her hand was injured when a man tried to snatch the weed eater from her. An officer who responded to the apartment on Saturday said the woman was the one who “lunged for the weed eater and that both parties had struggled over the item like children.”

Officers determined that neither party had attempted to hurt the other on purpose, but documented the case in case the discord between the two resurfaced later.

The woman was issued a victims’ rights pamphlet but no one was charged in the incident.

Woman calls police after argument

Police were called to an apartment in the 800 block of Borton Street on Monday after a man and a woman there were fighting.

The two were verbally arguing when the woman called 911 and hid from the man in a bathroom. The woman told police the man had “gone off” during a conversation and shoved her head into a window, causing it to break.

When police interviewed the woman, she refused to elaborate on the account and the man denied all of the woman’s accusations.

No arrest was made in the incident, but officers did advise the woman about free-of-charge shelter options, which she refused.

Police: Heat may have shattered window

A rear window of a car was shattered Monday evening in the 700 block of Daniel Street.

The owner told police he’s parked a 2007 Mercedes Benz C230 in a vacant lot across from his residence when he sent his grandson to retrieve an item from it. The man said a small crack was noticed in the rear window, but later in the day it was discovered to shattered.

Police believe the window may have shattered from heat, as the temperature was 98 degrees.

Police issued the owner a case card and advised her to contact the police department if further assistance was needed.