Hogansville approves $11.3M budget

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 25, 2015

HOGANSVILLE — City Council approved the city’s budget for the coming fiscal year on Tuesday during a called meeting.

Council members voted unanimously to approve an $11.3 million budget that includes a proposed salary increase for employees.

The city’s total expected revenue is $11,346,558 with $11,333,927 in expenses, on par with last year’s budget.

“It’s been a tough year because our revenues were down, but we managed to shave some costs down,” said City Manager James Woods. “We’ve gotten out of the financial crisis we were in a few years ago. Now, we just have to keep building on what we’re doing and we’ll be okay.”

Council members voted to provide all city employees with a 3 percent raise.

“None of our workers are being paid enough,” said Council member Jean Crocker. “We need to raise their salaries so that they’re properly compensated for their work.”

The budget also includes funds that will be used to purchase two new trucks for city workers. Woods said that the city spent a “considerable amount” last year on vehicle repairs and rentals.

“I’m pleased with the budget this year,” said Woods. “It’s leaner than it was last year because there are not as many contingency fees and the number of expenditures have been trimmed down.”