Columnist: The activities of a so-called ‘demon’ result in an ultimate testament to God

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 15, 2015

By Glenn Dowell

Contributing columnist

In and around 1919, a woman was born who later, as an adult, positioned herself as an enemy of God.

Before birth, it appears that she was not wanted by her mother, who is said to have attempted to abort the pregnancy by jumping out of a second-story building. Mother and child surviving, she was ultimately baptized into the Christian faith.

Those who knew her as a child and adolescent had no idea that this rather nerdy person would grow up and become known as the most hated woman in America.

Something happened as she transitioned into adulthood. She got married and later separated from her husband as they both enlisted in the military.

She eventually became an adulteress who had two children out of wedlock. Her first child was born out of a bizarre relationship with a married military colleague who did not seem to mind having an adulterous relationship with her, but said his Catholic religion would not allow him to divorce his wife.

She was incensed at his refusal, but this did not stop her, however, from divorcing her husband and assuming her lover’s name, and in the process naming her child after him. Some say that her lover laying blame on the Catholic church for refusing to marry her created the anger that awakened her dormant demons.

In a defiant act that was made for the movies and worthy of an Oscar, this woman challenged God during a dangerous storm trumpeted with thunder and a violent display of lightning. It is alleged that she actually stood outside in the midst of it, cursing and daring God to strike her dead.

God is a merciful God and did not strike her dead. This was not her interpretation, however, of her life being spared. Her interpretation was that this was proof that there was no God. Crazy talk from a smart woman who later attended law school.

After the birth of her second illegitimate child, a son by another lover, she left the United States and attempted to defect to the Soviet Union. When her defection was denied, she returned to the states a changed person. She had inculcated beliefs that some say were unreasonable opinions concerning what she felt was the imposition of religion in our lives.

The havoc caused by the greatest heretic and atheist in America to date

This woman was a true heretic and atheist and her actions, especially morals, were in opposition to God’s commandments. In 1960, she sued the Baltimore City Public School System for what she felt was her son being forced to participate in Bible readings and prayers.

In suing the system she stated that his refusal to participate caused other classmates to bully him, which she believed school administrators approved. In the end, her suit was consolidated with another similar suit and petition that was already headed before the United States Supreme Court.

In a decision that shocked the country, the Supreme Court in one major decision, effectively banned coercive Bible verse recitation at public schools in the United States. Never one to miss an opportunity to blaspheme God, she took credit for the court’s decision.

This was a perverse and evil woman, a woman so evil that her first-born son eventually estranged himself from her teaching and beliefs. What is lost and forgotten in the criticism of this heretic and atheist is that ironically, the estranged son was a part of her lawsuit against the Baltimore School System.

As he got older he became one of her major critics. She brainwashed his daughter, whom she adopted, along with his younger brother. His younger brother and daughter were mesmerized and totally submissive to her tyrannical behavior.

She was addicted to pornography and would visit X-rated theaters and then brag that she was the only woman in the theater. The three of them always ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even vacationed together. She was so manipulative at maintaining control over them that she encouraged the adopted daughter’s gluttony so that she would be unattractive to men.

She succeeded.

The daughter was so obese that it is alleged she had to purchase two tickets when traveling on a plane around the country.

By now, you should have guessed that I am writing about the infamous Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who gradually became the country’s most well-known and hated atheist. She even founded an atheist organization and became its first president. Her notoriety provided her with a forum to present her views related to separation church and state issues with respect to First Amendment rights.

Her legal advocacy and success in removing prayer from school was an attack against God and religion from within our borders of the United States.

When a popular talk-show host began producing his syndicated programs, she was his first guest and, ironically, appeared more than once on the show. Some clerics, in retrospect, however, believe that God was monitoring the activities of this woman and that He is very clear in 2Peter 2:1 (NIV) concerning “false prophets and false teachers among the people who will introduce destructive heresies denying Him, who will bring swift destruction on themselves.”

O’ Hair surrounded herself with social outcasts and criminals who were, in some instances, also murderers. It seemed that the more deficit a person was with respect to character and morals the more likely he or she would be in successfully penetrating her American Atheists inner sanctum.

One such person became her destiny. His name was David Roland Waters, a dangerous character with a criminal past that also included savagely beating his mother and, to top it off, he is alleged to have urinated on her in one of his many fits of rage.

This was the kind of person that O’Hair enjoyed and wanted in her evil network. Waters became a typesetter for O’Hair’s American Atheists organization. As a part of her inner sanctum, he proceeded to live up to his reputation as a career criminal and sociopath.

Printing was not the only thing on his mind. After stealing money from O’Hair, she became incensed and vilified him in her atheist magazine, which provoked him to seek revenge.

Enraged by her attack on him, Waters hatched a deadly plan to get even. With the aid of an accomplice, he kidnapped O’ Hair and her two children.

While in his control, the unrestrained and sadistic Waters and his accomplice mutilated and cut them up into small pieces. Not wanting to leave any witnesses, he also killed his accomplice, leaving his head and hands at the killing site. It took nearly three years for their bodies to be found. No one, apparently, really seemed to care.

It was her remaining living son, however, William Murray, who initially filed a missing persons’ report on his family members. It was this Murray — who was born out of an illicit relationship, held in the arms of his mother as she cursed God during a violent thunderstorm, who ultimately realized that his mother was an evil person.

This was a son who was raised in a home replete with pornography, where his mother decorated the home with statues of mating animals. A son, who was alleged to have been told that it was better to become a homosexual and to enjoy the worldly pleasure of food, drink and sex, for there was no God, heaven or hell.

A son born in an environment of evil and sin, provides ultimate testament to God

For a while, it had seemed as if William Murray took his mother’s advice. He became an alcoholic and by the time he was 30 years old, he had been married twice. He soon discovered, however, what all who succumb to alcohol and drug addiction and pornography learn: to live, void of the presence of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ in our life, is to live a life without meaning and happiness.

The Holy Spirit entered him in 1980. After allowing him the opportunity to understand that worldly pleasures are only temporary-the Holy Spirit told him to seek salvation in the Holy Bible.

He finally accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and asked for forgiveness of his sins and transgressions and was blessed with a new life. His rebirth was a repudiation of everything his mother stood for during her lifetime of evil indulgence.

For the record, his mother’s legacy has not changed since her murder years ago: the lady who took responsibility for taking prayer out of school. His legacy, however, is in direct juxtaposition to that of his mother.

Her life was characterized by that of hedonistic pleasures and the hatred of God. William Murray, the son of a mother who was once referred to as the most hated woman in America, became a popular speaker on the church and lecture circuit. His message and legacy to date:

There is a God.

Glenn Dowell is an author and LaGrange native who currently lives in Jonesboro. He may be reached at