Send a letter to the editor

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 5, 2015

To send a letter to the editor, email editor Matthew Strother at Email is the preferred form of submission.

Hard copies of letters also may be dropped off at the LaGrange Daily News office at 105 Ashton St., mailed to PO Box 929, LaGrange, GA 30241 with “Attn: Letter to Editor,” or faxed to 706-243-6354.

Letter writers must submit their first and last name, full address and a phone number at which they may be reached in order to verify authenticity. Only the writer’s name and city of residence will be published.

In some cases, the Daily News may require a photo ID verification.

Letters that cannot be verified will not be printed.


Writers are asked to limit letters to around 500 words. The Daily News may still consider letters that exceed the word count within a reasonable length, but still reserves the right to reject letters exceeding the limit.

All letters are subject to editing for grammar and style.

The Daily News believes that all residents have a right to publicly express their opinions and does not deny any letters based on ideological, political or personal beliefs. Publication of a letter is not an endorsement of the writer’s point of view by the Daily News.

However, the Daily News may request a letter be resubmitted if it contains content that is potentially libelous, vulgar, racist or without substance that is specifically mocking a person or group. If the writer is unwilling to make appropriate changes, the Daily News may reject the letter.

Writers also may be asked to provide and source documentation to verify any claims of factual information in their letter.

The Daily News will publish no more than two letters from a single writer within a 30-day period.

Editor Matthew Strother may be reached at 706-884-7311, ext. 2153.