Video: Fire departments train to put out propane gas fires

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 2, 2015

LaGRANGE — LaGrange, Troup County and West Point fire departments participated in a live fire exercise at the LaGrange Fire Training Center off Fort Drive on Tuesday night.

“We’re simulating what we would do if we did have a propane tank catch on fire,” said LaGrange Fire Lt. Caleb Harrison. “We’ll try to cool the vapors sitting at the top of the tank and eliminate the threat of an explosion … everyone (firefighters) has to stay together in a formation and coordinate the angles of their fire hose nozzles. If they miss the tank, the valve will pop off the top of the tank and shoot flames into the air.”

After dousing the flames, one firefighter had to move in to shut off the valve, sealing off any more propane gas from escaping into the night sky.

Practice made perfect for the crews. The instructors conducted a few test runs, and then lit 24 propane fueled fires — one for each of the firefighters there to test their skills being on the safety line, running the hose and battling the blaze, plus being the brave soul who stepped forward into the fire to shut off the valve to the tank.

Video captured by Melanie Ruberti | Daily News.

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