Columnist: The kindness of Kiwanis Club

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

First Realty of LaGrange is collect coats as part of Coats for Kids, a Kiwanis Club program. Realty of LaGrange is collect coats as part of Coats for Kids, a Kiwanis Club program.


Do You Want More Out Of Life? Give away more of YOU!

Be a part of something bigger than you. When you come together with other like-minded individuals, you can accomplish more.

For 30-plus years I have been in a great group called the Kiwanis Club. I think about all the good people in there, from young members to some with a lot of gray.

We have fun together through community service, like at Florence Hand’s monthly birthday celebration. We also sponsor the junior clubs like Key Club at THS and CHS and Circle K at LaGrange College.

These high school and college kids start off on the right foot by giving back.

For 50 years the Troup County Sportsman Club has had a kids’ fishing rodeo that is a wonderful event each year. They have even taken some from the nursing home fishing. I am honored to be among these men every time I get a chance!

One of the men with the biggest hearts in LaGrange is Joey Mines. Now Joey isn’t in Kiwanis with me, but he has found another way to give back.

He loves Camp Sunshine, which is a camp for kids with cancer. Joey has been there since the first year, which was in the early 1980s. This is great example of making the most out of life by giving to others.

You can find a way to give — it can be your time, money or both. I dare you to give!

There are lots of great clubs to join: Lions, Rotary and many others. If you’re not in a club or part of an organization, take the time and check one out. If you do, you will be glad you did.

Coats For Kids

Would you look in the closet at home and see if there any coats that your family is not using?

If you have any, please drop them off at my office and we will get them cleaned and make sure a family that needs them has a warm coat this winter. You may take for granted that everyone has a nice coat.

True story — one 13 year old in a local school got a coat from the Kiwanis Club last year. The teacher noticed he did not take the coat off the first two days in class.

When she talked to him, he had never had a new coat before. He was so excited about the coat he did not want to take it off.

Now, please look in your closet right now and bring me your old coats. In the past, we have given away up to 900-plus coats!

Twenty four percent of the people in Troup County live in poverty. Some cannot help it, so let’s make room for something new in your closet.

I just looked at my watch. It’s time to go to Florence Hand Home and help serve ice cream and cake, another Kiwanis program that we love to do.

Come join the Kiwanis. You will have fun, help people and you will be glad you did. I promise you will meet some nice people there!

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.