2015 Lovelight donors announced

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Contributed report

The Lovelight Tree is an annual project of the West Georgia Health Auxiliary. Donations from $5 to $500 are given in memory of a loved one or in honor of a person who has in some way enriched another person’s life.

An ornament for each donation is placed on the Lovelight Tree in the lobby of the South Tower at West Georgia Health. The donations given are used to pay for the Lifeline Emergency Response System for the subscribers who need the service but who cannot pay the fee.

Donations of $100 or more denote a HeartLight. Donations of $5 or more denote a LoveLight.


Katharyn Dunn in memory of Bill J. Dunn, Peg Fulgham and Joe Hughes; Fred and Beverly Lundberg in memory of Margaret Melton; Rheba M. King in memory of Ray D. King; Jose, Kathy and Katie Reyes in memory of Kenneth Smith and Alex, Andy and Abbie Reyes; Richard and Janice Ingram in honor of Sarah and J.W. Andrews; Carol and Jeff Todd in memory of John R. McNair and Hoke and Ruby Massengale; and Curtis (Camilla) Myhand and family in memory of Curtis Myhand.


WGH Imaging Department in memory of Chris Quinn; Virginia Bonner in memory of the Rev. J. Phillip Bonner; Susan Ferguson in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gibbs and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferguson; Bernice Strickland in memory of T. P. Strickland Jr., Maidee Strickland and Stacie Strickland; Miriam Reeves in memory of George Reeves; Rick and Dale Mallory in memory of Roy Spinks, Georgia Hammett Mallory, Richard H. Mallory Sr. and George C. Langston; Robert and Barbara Dodson in memory of Earle Greene; Sidney and Mary Lynn Faress in memory of Edward T. Dicorcia; Archie and Vivian Arrington in memory of Charles Arrington and Ann Thompson; Corrie Richburg Becham in memory of Harry Richburg; C-PAK Corporation in memory of Jean Tipton; Gail C. Walsh in memory of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cox, Gene Ward and Jim Walsh.

Virginia Bonner in honor of Enid Tate; Rick and Dale Mallory in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Madhav Naik and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rigby.