Columnist: We cannot fix this … without God!

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lynn Walker Gendusa

Contributing columnist

After the massacre in San Bernardino, California, would it not have been great if the New York Daily News had posted that headline on its front page instead of “God isn’t fixing this …”?

“This” refers to evil. There is a book beside my bed that tells me evil came to a garden in the beginning and has crawled its way into our lives many times and veiled in many ways ever since. It no longer looks like a snake, but it is still evil.

Evil resided in Cain, in Herod, in Hitler, in Stalin, in Bin Laden, in a mother who left a 6 month old an orphan because she wanted to kill. They were all evil, all deluded, all filled with hate and consumed with false beliefs. Evil hides behind the faces of normal, but the snake is still in residence.

There is, of course, evil in all of us. But when the hate completely over takes love, when wrong completely consumes right, and when evil completely destroys all good is when you are staring into the eyes of the asp.

We need God more now to help us figure out how to stop this current evil.

If we know we are staring at the face of pure evil, then we need to start moving fast toward solutions. Hitler killed 6 million Jews before we took action, and he wasn’t the only one doing so.

Finally, this country became cohesive and determined to defeat the enemy and evil. But 6 million? We don’t need that to happen again.

This time it might be the Christians that evil comes after and the rest of the Jews. So, are we going to sit around and wait for them to knock on the door? Hello?

The only way to fight evil, according to the book on my table, is with good. That may seem very simplistic but it’s really the truth.

Evil hates good. These radicals hate to such a point they cut off heads for the shock of it, they promote terror, they infiltrate the minds of lost and angry souls. Goodness is so far away from their thinking that life is nothing compared to death.

They have a complete field day when they see us divided and unstable. They love the inaction of our people and our government. They have a party when we kill and hurt one another.

They use a belief in a God to promote their evil. There have been so many people that have used some sort of God to start wars, commit atrocities, rape and pillage and it has absolutely nothing to do with the God I know.

I always feel sorry for my God when He gets his name thrown in as the reason to kill. Evil loves using God as an excuse to create terror.

If God’s goodness can help us to defeat evil, then how?

We have to first become cohesive as a nation like we did in World War II. The polarization in government has to stop. Blame is just a part of evil if you think about it. If all we do is blame someone for our actions, then we are just a part of the problem.

Can anybody believe that after all these people lost their lives we heard from the politicians spouting different opinions on gun control? Why didn’t we hear something like, “This is really terrible and we know we need to work on things that are going to help our citizens. We are sorry we haven’t done a better job.”

Well, that didn’t happen, did it? First, please come to the understanding that these polarizing people are our employees. We can fire them. We need government to work for us.

We need term limits and limits on special interest groups. People all know this, but really think it cannot happen because Washington won’t change.

It is us that needs to change. We need to demand better government, a more cohesive government. We do not need to keep labeling and polarizing each other in our homes or workplaces either.

You want real change? Real change only comes when it is not comfortable and folks put on a cloak of courage. I would give up a weekend to march on Washington to save my country, wouldn’t you?

If you don’t want to march, then can you call your congressmen? That is the least you can do for your country and your family.

Everyone has an opinion and talks about change, but few move. Apathy is killing us.

If you are an American of Muslim faith and you believe in peaceful coexistence, then watch the radicals of your faith in your mosques and workplaces. Speak up if you see trouble looming.

If I am at the Methodist church and I encounter a fellow Methodist who I think could be contemplating mass murder or even his own demise, I am not going to sit there and let it happen. I am going to yell and do something. You should too.

We no longer need to educate people that come from countries that are havens for terrorism. That is just common horse sense.

With all the talk and rhetoric about immigration, don’t you think we need to pay special attention to those that come in from those same terrorist countries, for any reason?

Evil loves fear. Don’t become so fearful of your life you forget to live. I was so glad to see the Parisians sitting at their cafés and enjoying their beautiful city. They were not going to give evil its reward. They were wearing courage.

As far as guns, can’t we do without assault weapons? At least make it more difficult. Did they have assault weapons when the constitution was written? I am not sure, but I don’t think many people had cannons in their homes.

I believe all should have the right to bear arms, but assault weapons? Assault and tactical weaponry should be in the hands of people that are trained to protect our country, not destroy it.

If you live in this country, you were given a golden opportunity at birth. God blessed you and wants this country to live again. Not just for yourself but for generations to come.

We need Him to learn how to promote Goodness. From Government, to corporate America, to inside our homes, goodness and kindness need to prevail. We need to pray more, not less.

We need to teach our children respect for all people including their elders. Monitor your children’s actions, be a good parent.

There are just a thousand things we can do ourselves to help each other and this nation.

There was a grown son and daughter continually arguing about what to do with their ailing mother. The son wanted to put her in a nursing home so that she would get ‘round-the-clock care. The daughter refused to put her there but didn’t offer another solution.

They argued day and night about it. One day there was a knock on the daughter’s door. A policemen stood in the doorway.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry to inform you that your mother has passed. Some neighbors called our precinct to inform us that she had not been seen of late. We found your mother in her bed, she had not eaten for days, and her home was in unfit living conditions.”

The son and daughter realized they had been talking so much about what to do that they forgot “to do.”

Will our country die because we forgot “to do?”

No, God can’t fix it without the willingness of His People behind him. He is not going to do all the work for us. God is our parent. Are you willing to stand up and be a soldier marching for change with God? Hard for a snake to bite through boots tied with courage.

Let’s come together. Let’s not be polarized by politics, race, genders or any other thing that causes evil to become more prideful and powerful.

Let’s instead be together because we are Americans and we need God more than ever to give us the means to come back to that belief that we are indeed, UNITED.

Lynn Walker Gendusa is a former LaGrange resident who currently resides in Roswell.