Columnist: Taking care of the lady of the house, part 2

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Guys, if you want your sons and daughters to really learn, do a few of these things as your kids grow up.

Open your wife’s car door. What message does that send Junior, what message does that send Sally?

How about flowers at least once a month. I suggest more often. Louise loves wild flowers, or at least she is smart enough to make a big deal of getting flowers every time, which makes her get them often.

How about thank you notes often about the little things your wife does. What message does Junior and Sally get from that?

They say girls look for a man like their father was to his Mom. Are you not teaching Junior it is a real man that rubs his wife’s feet and takes out the trash?

There are many ways that you can teach your children to know Mom is a special person. It is not telling them to love mom, it is showing them every day. Shine her shoes to make her feel special.

I took my grandson last week and showed him how to keep the knives sharp. He was in awe of how the knife would shave you when we finished.

Enjoy the moment of teaching your kids and grandkids and even the neighbors’ kids. Knowledge is not wisdom till it is shared.

I have a young 15 year old that helps at the farm. When I take him home, we go into my mom’s flower garden as she watches, and we cut two different colored flowers and he takes them to his mom.

By the way, she loves for him to come work. Pay it forward my friend!

Bobby Traylor is having people cut out and bring to him my “Burning Bush” article. I am having people call me and stop me saying, “we should all forgive.”

Even one lady said I picked the right time of year to have that article. Folks, I could say it was luck, but I know it was a blessing!

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.