Columnist: Your best days are coming; ‘little pots’ place blame on others

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Your best days are in front of you — if you plan it that way.

Do you spend too much time looking into the rear view mirror, which is small, or do you look out the big windshield of life?

If you have had some health problems take the attitude, “I think I will get better.” Take the “I know I’ll get well.”

I have a friend named Buck who at 74 had both knees replaced and was in north Georgia trout fishing the next season, having a big time. He wanted to go fishing so he did not let his bad knees hold him back.

If your checkbook is not where you would like it to be, look to see what you have that you have not used in years. I went through my gun safe and sold several guns that were in mint condition.

I had not shot them in years and was not going to shoot them. I took the money and Louise and I went to Scotland and Ireland. Look around, if you’re not using that old pickup truck, sell it and move on.

Folks, I am telling you no matter your age or your place. You may have young or older children.

Sit down and get a vision of where you want to go in life. I want to see the Grand Canyon many more times, the redwood trees and the Great Smokey Mountains hundreds more times.

Yes, I want to see my granddaughter catch her first fish.

What am I saying? My friends, write down your dreams, put a date on them and make them your vision in life. I am not saying all of this will be easy. Be like the tree in the wind, bending with the hard times and then growing in the good times.

I dare you, each week, to look for all life gives you, look for the good in people, grow and never stop learning. You will thank me if you do this. Do not try, but do it!

• • •

Little pots boil fast!

Have you ever noticed when you want a cup of hot tea you put a small pot of water on and it boils really fast?

Have you also noticed in life some people are like Little Pots? It does not take much to make their water boil. They may blame someone else for everything that goes wrong.

It is always the person under them that is at fault, even though they hired and put that person in that position and was responsible for them being properly trained for the job.

The sad thing about these people is they think they can convince everyone they are perfect in every way. They never make mistakes. Instead it is you, or someone else, that creates all the problems in life.

All these people have one thing in common, they have very large egos. Their big ego will not let them say, “Yes, I hired that person. I did not check to see if they lost their last job for not doing a good job.”

No, Mrs. or Mr. Ego never takes responsibility for any of the screw ups in life. These people won’t return calls or do the right thing when there is a problem.

When you come across these people never try to reason with them for they are always right, at least in their minds! In real life they could be much bigger pots if they said, “Maybe I was wrong” and tried to look at the other side of the story.

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.