Columnist: What you’re missing watching TV

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Traveling to North Georgia offers opportunities to see beautiful waterfalls. to North Georgia offers opportunities to see beautiful waterfalls.


When you retire are you going to sit around and watch TV a lot? I hope not.

Some of our best friends, Radney and Teresa Houze, have both retired, but they have the passion of two 21 year olds. They have made up their minds to stay busy, they have traveled 47 countries and all 50 states at least once.

Radney and I were in Cub Scouts together, and he always had a positive outlook on life. Teresa is full of energy and smart. She should have gone to medical school. She is always looking for a better way to do things.

The camera has become their passion.

Teresa has taken several advance camera classes and is becoming an expert with the camera. Radney has learned by watching all of what Teresa is doing and is so excited about her enthusiasm.

The great thing is that both are doing this together and not sitting, watching TV. Some of their trips are just 100 miles away.

Georgia has so much to offer. We can be in the mountains in two hours or at the ocean in five hours. The pictures I love the most are of old homes and waterfalls. North Georgia has hundreds of waterfalls.

Louise and I love to take walks to see the waterfalls. One time a bear came out in front of a group of people standing in front of us. They all walked behind me — guess they thought they could outrun me.

You can see pictures of beautiful views on Facebook/Teresa Houze Photography. Now I hope you’re thinking bigger pictures when you retire; it may not be with a camera, it may be working in your yard or fishing.

Just do not sit down and do nothing. Sometimes when people take up their hobbies they find out what they should have done all their lives.

Teresa’s pictures are so good people are now calling her to buy her pictures. What once was a hobby is now allowing her to get her money back and do what they both love doing, traveling and taking pictures. Now let me tell one more story of someone you know.

My friend, Tommy Wood, was in the plumbing business for 45 years and always loved hunting and fishing. He always had great trained dogs that he trained himself with a love of dogs.

For years now, Tommy has hunted several times a week as a paid guide. He hunts, watches his dog work and makes new friends.

Go Tommy! His love of dogs and hunting has benefited him.

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.