Election qualifying begins Monday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 5, 2016

To run, candidates must meet requirements

By Tyler H. Jones



LaGRANGE — Anyone interested in running for local office will have their opportunity to register Monday, March 7, through Friday, March 11.

Potential candidates need to qualify at the Troup County Board of Elections and Registration, and in some cases, local party officials. They will need to pay a qualifying fee and meet other conditions.

The following local offices are up for election later this year: clerk of superior court; sheriff; tax commissioner; coroner; solicitor; county commission seats in districts 2, 3 and 4; state court judge; probate judge and board of education seats in districts 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Only judges and board of education seats are nonpartisan.

For every office, the following conditions must be met to be eligible to run: Applicant must be a U.S. citizen and at least 25 years old, a resident of Troup County for at least two years prior to qualifying, a registered Troup County voter and earned a high school diploma or the equivalent, have not been convicted of a felony or any offense involving moral turpitude.

Additionally, these conditions apply specifically to the following offices:

• Clerk of superior court: Applicant must be willing to attend and complete at least 40 hours of training.

• Sheriff: Applicant must be a registered peace officer or successfully complete peace officer certification at his or her own expense and undergo background checks.

• Coroner: Applicant must successfully complete a training class at the Georgia Police Academy no longer than 180 days after election or appointment.

The following are qualifying fees for the respective offices:

• Clerk of superior court: $1,894.94; sheriff: $2,270.25; tax commissioner: $1,894.94; coroner: $504; solicitor: $2,421; county commissioner (all districts): $180; state court judge: $3,459; probate judge: $1,894; board of education (district 2): $170; board of education (district 3) $216; board of education (district 5) $206; board of education (district 6) $183.

Qualifying fees are set by the Troup County Board of Commissioners and are based on the compensation of each elected office.

In addition to qualifying fees, candidates must disclose financial interests and donor contributions.

The primary election for local partisan races is May 24 and the general election is Nov. 8.

Additional conditions may apply and can be researched by contacting the Troup County Board of Elections and Registration, 100 Ridley Ave., 706-883-1745.

Tyler H. Jones is a reporter with LaGrange Daily News. He may be reached at 706-884-7311, ext. 2155.