Memoried Glances: 1916 — Bring in the new picture show

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 5, 2016

Memoried Glances

Julia Dyar

Contributing columnist

Marches past, 100 years ago.

From The LaGrange Graphic, 1916.

Front Page News

New Picture Show for LaGrange — LaGrange is to have another picture show. Plans have been perfected and work is to begin at once.

Mr. A. Ginsburg has leased the lot belonging to Mersses. Goldstein Brothers, next to the Edmondson-Christopher Company’s Department Store, and will erect a modern theater that will bring films in which the most celebrated actors and actresses will appear for the first time on the screen in LaGrange.

The theater will be open for business about May 1.

$25 in Gold to be Given Away — Do you want $25 in gold? You can get it if you suggest the most suitable name for the new picture show which is now being erected on Main Street.

Mr. Ginsburg wants the people of LaGrange to have a part in the naming of the theater, and is willing to pay $25 in gold to the person who will suggest the most suitable name.

After the theater is opened, everyone who attends for the first few days will be given a card on which the holder can write a name for the new theater. Judges will be appointed to canvass the cards and the person who suggests the name selected will be given $25 in gold.

Coca-Cola Company to Have New Home — The Coca-Cola Bottling Plant is to have a new home.

Work has already begin and the work will be pushed forward as rapidly as possible. The building is being erected on Vernon Street, next to the bowling parlors, and it is to be equipped with the latest improved machinery used in the manufacturing of carbonated drinks.

Keep your eyes on LaGrange and “watch us grow.”

The Banana Peel Becomes a Nuisance — The slippery banana peelings thrown on the sidewalks in LaGrange have become a nuisance to the safety of pedestrians.

A few days ago a local lady stepped on a banana peeling that threw her to the pavement and she barely escaped falling between the wheels of the Jitney Bus.

There are fruit stands on practically every corner of the square, and you can travel in no direction without coming in contact with the slippery banana peeling that someone has thoughtlessly thrown on the sidewalk,

LaGrange has an ordinance against this thing, and the officers would best enforce the ordinances now than wait until some serious accident occurs and the city is forced to stand a damage suit.

Church Building at Dunson Mills — The Baptist congregation at Dunson’s is to have a church building. A movement is on foot to erect a $3,000 building in the near future.

The company has agreed to contribute $1,500 if the community will contribute a like amount. The people out there are very enthusiastic over the matter, and we are sure that the building will soon be under construction.

The people of that community have one of the best Sunday schools in the county and when they get their new church building they will move forward as never before.

A small contribution from everyone will do the work. Won’t you help?


The Office of County Treasurer — The office of county treasurer has served its purpose and should now be abolished.

It would be well to give every needy person in the county $300. If the affairs of the county would permit it, but to have one man designated to receive a specific charity is unwise and unfair. It is our understanding that the treasurer signs his name only 12 times a year, when he endorses his pay check at the first of each month, except once at the beginning of his term of office, when he gives a power of attorney to some bank to act for him.

The office should by all means be abolished, and let the banks of the county bid for the funds, thus the county would receive some interest on the deposits and at the same time save a $300 salary, which though perhaps worthily bestowed, is unnecessary and unfair to hundreds of people in the county who are quite as unfortunate as the individual whom the banks have elected to the office.

Our representatives should, at the next session of the legislature, abolish this unnecessary office.

Let us Have One Commissioner — We believe that the Grand Jury acted wisely when it recommended that the present Commissioner System of Roads and Revenues be abolished, and that one man be appointed or elected to discharge the duties of that body.

Under the old regime, the ordinary had to look after the roads and revenues of the county. That official’s duties became so great, it was necessary to select others to look after the affairs of the public. Now it seems that the present system has about served its day and generation, and one man, under a sufficient bond, with an efficient clerk, could be of greater service to the county than six men whose remuneration is not sufficient to induce any one to desire the office.

We believe this one commissioner should be elected by a vote of the people. We feel sure that this would mean a considerable saving to the county. We would have someone on the job every day to look after any matter which might need attention.

By all means let us have one commissioner.

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.