Columnist: A piece of LaGrange history coming down

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Change is coming!

The old Mansour’s building is days away from coming down. Yes, a big piece of Troup County history will change forever.

When I was a child I remember people driving from 50 miles away to shop at that store and spend hundreds of dollars because it was the nicest store of that type this side of Atlanta. The other day I heard people talking about going to get their Buster Brown shoes and Gant shirts every September for school to start.

It was also a place many young girls got their first job. I remember my sister, Carolyn, worked there while going to college.

My daughter, Ashley, got her first job there! I think she bought more clothes than her paycheck each week, but she looked good.

I believe everyone from LaGrange has a story they could tell about something they got there. Every time I ride by now I take a long look at yesterday and remember some really nice people that took pride in their store.

I would go in and the ladies would say, “Jerry, your mom wears this type of perfume.” I would buy it, they would wrap it and everyone was happy.

Guess I am talking about a time gone when LaGrange was a little like Mayberry, USA.

I always loved the smiles that all the older Mansour brothers had. They were all true gentlemen and they are missed.

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.