Columnist: In defense of Donald Trump

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 19, 2016

Larry Summerour

Contributing columnist

In writing an article defending Donald J. Trump, a major caveat is that I am not a Trump supporter. He and I vociferously disagree on Muslims and immigrants. I welcome Muslims and immigrants into this country.

As I have written, most Muslims are God-fearing, hardworking people. They in no way back the radical Islamists. Also, it is unconstitutional to ban people simply because they are members of a particular religion.

The ultimate authority in the United States is the Constitution, not the Bible. As a born-again Christian, I love the Bible. I also love the Judeo-Christian tradition. But when it comes to religious freedom, we must follow the Constitution. If we take the U.S. Constitution seriously, as I do, there is no religious litmus test. Muslims are just as welcome to come here as non-Muslims.

When it comes to immigrants, most of our forefathers were immigrants. For example, my paternal ancestors came from Germany. If you trace your ancestry, you too are the descendants of immigrants. The only true Americans, in my opinion, are the American Indians. What a travesty it is that the whites stole the country from the Indians, the native Americans.

America is a land of immigrants. If you look at our great history, you do not find a pure race. We Americans are the products of many religions and races, and cultures. In other words, we are a melting pot. To say the opposite is to misunderstand American history.

I do support Donald Trump in several areas. First, he has a constitutional right to have his rallies. I vehemently disagree with the protesters at his rallies. If you don’t like Trump, then don’t go to one of his gatherings. Stay away.

Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders consistently blame Trump for all the violence when he tries to give his speeches. Again, I don’t blame Trump. He is paying for the venue and security at his meetings. He doesn’t need protesters to disrupt his speeches.

If Donald Trump has the most Republican delegates, he should be the presidential nominee of the Republican Party. I despise people like loser Mitt Romney and other establishment Republicans who want to steal the nomination from Trump. I just wish Mitt Romney would shut up and go away. He proved in 2012 to be an incompetent, weak adversary against President Obama.

I have nothing personal against Donald Trump. Unlike the Democrats and establishment Republicans in Congress, he is not leading our country into bankruptcy. As a fiscal conservative, I especially dislike establishment Republicans. They claim to be conservative. Yet, they never vote to balance the budget.

Again, if Donald Trump has the most Republican delegates, then the party needs to get behind him. If the Republicans want a contested convention, then they should be soundly defeated by Hillary Clinton.

Larry Summerour of Troup County is a retired pastor who enjoys political commentary.