Columnist: More random thoughts

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rich Simpson

Contributing columnist

I am hot natured. However, back in the ’70s Rita and I stopped at a fast food restaurant in Thomson, Georgia.

It was summer. Up until recently, it was the coldest restaurant I have ever been in. Recently, that restaurant was dethroned.

I was in a fast food restaurant in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the other day. Outside, it was a pleasant spring-like day. Inside, three Eskimo diners had a space heater at their table.

I asked if I could join them. They were wearing overcoats, and mumbling something about getting back to where it’s not so cold.

The tuna recall continues. Some tuna have come back, others say they never got the message.

I recently read this: “Andy Devine played semi-pro football under a phony name, Jeremiah Schwartz. He used the false name in order to remain eligible for college football. He was a successful player at St. Mary & St. Benedict College, Arizona State Teachers College and Santa Clara University. Devine’s football experience led to his first sizable film role in the 1931 “The Spirit Of Notre Dame.”

I’m considering renting a small storage unit so Rita and I will have a place to go on weekends.

This just in: Donald Trump was overheard singing “Unforgettable” to himself.

I believe in the power of positive thinking, but sometimes reality thinking creeps in.

Just got some great news! My wife just told me I could sleep inside tonight.

My lifelong friend “Bingo” Knight has always looked at the bright side. He says now that he’s about to turn 70, he’s becoming forgetful. But, he said the good thing is he meets so many “new people.”

I have decided there is something I would rather do than watch anymore political debates. I would rather be blindfolded, standing, in the middle of the infield at a NASCAR race for the duration of the race, rather than watch another political debate!!

Plus, NASCAR races are similar to political debates!! It’s loud, the participants just go round and round, and everyone watching is cheering for their guy while looking for the participants to collide!!

In my early LaGrange days, riding bikes or walking to Holmes Rexall Drugs on Main Street to eat at the counter or Charlie Joseph’s, was a real treat! My first steamed bun was consumed at Charlie Joseph’s.

So, I asked my mom to purchase a bun steamer. After that, I was set.

Going to the late, great LaGrange Theater was an adventure! One of the first movies that I remember seeing was “I Was A Teenage Werewolf ” starring Michael Landon. That clearly proves that you can be a werewolf and grow up to live on a ranch with your brothers, all in your 40s, and your dad, go into town, get in a fight, come home, get a good night’s sleep and go back to work the next morning on the Ponderosa.

Speaking of family, and I’m leading to something here. Watching your grandchildren experience things in their early years where everything is new is so exciting.

Our oldest son was in town this past weekend for a dental convention. He called his home Friday night, and we talked to his little girls on FaceTime.

The oldest grandchild had scored a goal in her soccer game earlier that day. Great news, which got the weekend and the visit off to a good start!

Still leading to something. Saturday had us at our middle granddaughter’s softball game. She played well and was awarded the “Game Ball.” That night it was dinner with both sons at the same time.

This is what I was leading to: Family. Even as a married adult with children, I never left my parent’s home in Charlotte without a lump in my throat. I knew it would be months before I would see them again.

I always get “that feeling” when our out-of–town son leaves after a weekend. When he leaves the empty feeling I have on a negative scale is in direct proportion to the feeling I have on a positive scale when I know he’s coming.

Reminds me of the day we signed our 4-year-old daughter up for kindergarten — 1982. There was a lot of crying, screaming, kicking and rolling around on the floor. Thankfully, the staff finally managed to calm me down. I am so glad my daughter stayed calm.

Rich Simpson is a former LaGrange resident and a LaGrange High graduate who worked 42 years in radio. He may be reached at