Columnist: Treat your wife like a queen

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Why should you treat your wife as queen of your world? Boys, sit down and take notes! The list will go on forever as to why you should treat the lady of the house as the No. 1 queen of your world.

If she is the queen, does that not make you the king? Let’s get serious, your children should see how a lady should be treated.

Girls, watch how dad takes care of your mom because this is how you should be treated someday. Boys, this is how you are to treat your future wife.

Plain and simple, you want to treat her with the most respect and kindness you can possible do for her. When you make the lady of the house look great, trust me, you will look pretty good yourself.

When you choose to honor and respect the lady of the house you are building for future generations that will follow. Your kids are always in record mode, watching everything you do, like how you treat your wife and other people.

Yes, your kids are watching you every day. They will copy you in whatever you do. Your action of how you treat your wife and other people are better than 1,000 lectures about how to do things right by other people — a kind word when someone puts a dent in the car versus saying how dumb it was to put a dent in the car. They did not do it on purpose, you will not have that car forever.

Step back and look at what your track record is with your family. Do you set the example of a good role model? If not, let’s try a little harder.

If all the other reasons do not make sense to you, try this one. That person may be the one that chooses your nursing home one day.

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.