Staff replies to suggestion: “Have a complete, free online edition”

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 15, 2016


Daily News editorial staff

The Daily News is currently conducting a reader survey aimed at hearing suggestions for improving the newspaper. We want you to know we’re actively reading your comments and over the next few weeks will respond to a few remarks as they come in.

Please take our survey at to provide input.

Taking the survey can also register respondents for a chance to win two tickets to see Willie Nelson live at Sweetland Amphitheatre at Boyd Park on May 29, courtesy of the amphitheatre.

Here’s one suggestion we’ve received:

Have a complete, free online edition that has the same content as the print version. Also, get rid of the pop-up ads for the online edition.

We put much of our news content online, which is available for free. We especially strive to put online breaking news and news important for readers to know what is happening in the community. However, we are a business and no business can make money giving away its product.

We have an online e-edition, which is a complete digital version of the daily paper, available for a reduced subscription price. There are certain items that are included only in the print edition because customers pay for it.

Pop-up ads are annoying, we know, but ad sales — in print and online — are how publications make money. Hosting a website costs money, and we must have revenue to pay those costs.

This has always been a part of print publications, but — on another note — we do keep a firm line between advertisements and the news reported by journalists, which is why we operate separate departments. No one can purchase a reporter’s time or influence for an article.

Thank you for your response.

Keep reading over the next several weeks to see more changes, more survey responses and other new features.

Reach the Daily News editorial staff by calling 706-884-7311.