April marriages

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The following people were issued marriage licenses by the Troup County Probate Court in April:

Jacob Hightower and Trinity Bosarge.

Stephen Rutter and Julie Rayburn.

Cornelius Adams and Cynthia Slaton.

Thomas Renesto and Donna Cox.

Derek Hein and Brittney Bishop.

Michael Jenkins and Melanie Campbell.

Kashyap Patel and Chelsey Tomblin.

Nicolas Stroud and Mary Pike.

Rusty Hogan and Amanda Smith.

Tarsheria Little and Shamika Delaney.

Demarius Walker and Allison Wright.

Michael Melson and Jessica Lewis.

Warren Goss and Stephanie Mcqueen.

Jeremy Levins and Ashley Wilkerson.

Rollo Milton and Gwendolyn Fryer.

Jonathan Dunn and Justina Mackey.

Joshua Gray and Brittney Jackson.

Bob Simons and Brianna Jeter.

Nathan Knight and Linda Simons.

Christopher Jones and Jodie Jones.

Lafayette Bridges and Kelli Crenshaw.

Tyrone Stinson and Marsha Brown.

James Clark and Pamela Bowers.

Zachery Hilderbrand and Hannah Burkett.

Fabian Barradas and Lawanda Payne.

Christopher Ledford and Taylor Brown.

Michael Bartlett and Leslie Dye.

Caleb Alldredge and Erica New.

David Dansby and Carla Sharpe.

Ian Holloway and Mia Wright.

Jesus Pimentel Elisondro and Whitney Smith.

Zachary Starling and Ashley Moore.

Jeffery Worley and Jessica Jackson.

William Turner and Quantina Taylor.

Donald Thompson and Brittany Driver.

Steven Johnson and Meghan Beverley.

Olusegun Adegabi and Addie Robinson.

Donald Mahaffey and Faye Ford.

John Bussey and Karonda Dunn.

Joshua Williams and Hanna Dunaway.

Joshua Hyatt and Lacy Knowles.

Quana Deval and Angela Fox.

Vincent Murphy and Deborah Wilks.

Mukeshkumar Patel and Ilaben Patel.

Zachary Fikes and Laura Lee.

Jeffrey Arrington and Holly Montieth.