Letter: Davis will work toward best solutions

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 12, 2016


Dear editor,

Lewis Davis is the right person to represent the people in Troup County District 3.

His personality and demeanor are what this county needs now. He will be able to work with the other commissioners and the county manager to keep our county running smoothly.

Lewis understands to role of a county commissioner is one of voting to set the agenda and programs of the county, not to be a manager of any department or interfere in the daily operations of the departments’ heads. He is level-headed and open to learning from all sides in a discussion, but he will vote his conscious, knowing what is best for all of District 3 and the county.

I have worked with Lewis on the County Planning and Zoning Board for a few years. He has shown himself to be understanding of the need for our regulations, but also the need of people to use their property as they see fit. Sometimes the two are in conflict, Lewis tries to figure out a way that works well for all involved.

I encourage you to vote for Lewis Davis.


Rob Petry