Columnist: Your family is a blessing

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tuesday night was fun! Ashley and the boys went with Louise and I for a pizza. Ashley even beat me to the check!

We came back to the farm and picked blueberries with my mom, who is 92. She loves picking with her 4-year-old great-grandson. He is very special and he was proud of his berries in his bucket. Even better, Louise would make him blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup on Wednesday morning.

After blueberry picking, we let the boys drive the Club Car — like a Bad Boy that seats five — around the pasture. They love it and Pop enjoys seeing their progress.

Gavin is becoming a good driver. It was getting dark, we were in the house and Ashley realized she forgot the OFF! bug spray so she went to get it at the blueberry bushes.

After she left, my phone rang; it was Ashley, “Pop, there is a woman walking in our pasture.” I went out the back door. I forgot that I could run but I did a good job of it.

The young woman was really out of it. She had been walking all day and I could tell she had fallen several times. She had no idea where she was and was talking about someone trying to kill her.

I started looking around for someone, but saw no one so we got her back to the house. She drank two large glasses of water and we gave her some food to eat. She was crying a good bit now and still had no idea where she was.

I asked her to call her dad and she said she was running with the wrong crowd — but a dad never stops loving. That young lady really had no family to call on.

If you have family that you can count on, you are a very blessed person. I was also very proud of how Louise and Ashley were so kind and gentle with this lady that really has a lot of problems. It made me say a prayer for her and also one for my family.

I called the sheriff’s office for someone to come out and talk with this lady and a few minutes later two very professional officers from the sheriff’s department showed up. They stayed with her until 10:05 and were so nice talking with her.

She finally gave them the name of a friend and the officers took her there. Sheriff James Woodruff has super officers with kind hearts to take care of people. I cannot say enough about what a great job they did.

A few days ago I wrote an article on choosing your friends carefully. I got a phone call this morning from a lady that says she goes out to eat with a friend that is always trying to get something taken off her bill.

For instance, her coffee was not fresh or hot. She says it does not matter where they eat she always complains in order to get her meal half off or the coffee free. My suggestion to her was to find a new dinner date because that really is stealing.

She said it really is an embarrassment to have it happen every time. I said, “Find someone else to eat with.”

She called because she felt the man I mentioned that took the chainsaw back was hurting everyone by taking advantage of the store where he got it. Yes, it is stealing! Choose your friends with care!

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.