Columnist: What will it take to retire?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What will it take to retire? What is your number?

It does not matter what you think, one day you will stop working. The smart question is, “Have you planned for that day?”

Now you know I am a big Dave Ramsey fan and Dave says it is all about numbers. Have you planned for a long time? Can you ensure your golden years will have dignity?

USA Today reports that out of people over 65 that only 3 percent are financially secure. What will it take for you to retire? $36,000, $46,000, maybe $56,000. Do you have your house paid for? Your cars paid for?

Bankruptcies among those 65 and older went up 244 percent in the last 10 year period. I would suggest you have as big a nest egg as possible.

Who would believe a truck would cost $40,000, but that is a bargain truck. I am suggesting that you read books and magazines on how to keep your money, invest in yourself and gain wisdom and knowledge to make your money last as long as possible.

Learn what you can on interest rates of what you pay out and what you receive. My golden rule: do not waste money!

I know in the books nobody ever has a $2,000 car bill or a new roof sooner than later, but guess what — that is real life and you need to always have a rainy day account because you will have some bad weather days, so plan for them.

Folks, it is not too late to start planning now. It is your life we are talking about. Talk with your banker, your insurance agent, your pastor, older people. Listen to them because you can then make better choices.

Life is about choices. I am asking you to put thought into saving for your future. May God bless and He will.

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.