Memoried Glances: 1916 — Locals come out for photoplay

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 2, 2016

Julys past, 100 years ago.

From the LaGrange Graphic, 1916.

Front Page News

Local Photoplay Draws Big Crowd — One of the largest crowds ever assembled in the Grand Theater in LaGrange gathered Friday evening and Friday night to see the “Heart of the Hills,” a photoplay produced in LaGrange and composed entirely of local talent, with Miss Martha Ware as the leading lady.

The picture was of a high character and every participant acted the part assigned them with credit to themselves. LaGrange has local talent along more lines than one and this photoplay has developed talent along new lines.

Fourth of July Quietest Known — The Fourth of July just past was the quietest that has ever come under our observation.

A great many of LaGrange stores were closed for the entire day, and all closed in the evening. The attractions for the day were a ball game in the morning between the LaGrange and Griffin African-American teams at the Ball Park.

In the afternoon the Dixie boys crossed bats with the Woodland boys on the LaGrange diamond. We also had races at the fair grounds.

The moving picture shows had special attractions on, and these place of amusement did a thriving business as they were well attended. Unusually large crowds gathered at the Court House just before noon and again at 3:30 p.m. to hear the score of the baseball game between Rome and LaGrange.

… We can truly say LaGrange had a safe and sane July 4th.

LaGrange Boys in Hard Luck — This has been a bad week for baseball so far as LaGrange is concerned.

On Monday and again on Tuesday Rome won all three games. On the LaGrange Diamond Tuesday Woodland took both games from Dixie and LaGrange’s African-American team lost out to Griffin.

But we have got no kick coming on our baseball teams, for the boys have certainly played magnificent ball for the past three weeks. We have gone from the lowest standing in the league to near the top.

Everyone Going to See the Ball Game Today — LaGrange fans are proud of the record made by our boys this season, and today is to be Booster Day for the LaGrange team.

The last series of Games of the Season between LaGrange and Rome will be played today and tomorrow, closing with a double header on Saturday. Cast dull care aside, leave your grouch at home, put on your rooting clothes and meet us at the ballpark this evening to help win the game.

Salem News — We note that an election for and against a local school tax will be held at Salem Wednesday, the second day of August.

This is an important issue and it behooves those interested to be up and doing. The noted “equalization” of taxes has practically double taxed our land owners.

Already they are beginning to feel the additional burden of the war tax. Then the school tax is to be added and no one can see the end.

A new beatitude could however be quoted that would read something like this: “And verily I say unto you ‘Blessed are they that have nothing, for they shall not be Taxed.’”


Our Columns Are Open to All Kickers — If the citizens who live in different sections of the city wish to make a kick against the condition of the streets, and the citizens who live in different sections of Troup County wish to raise a howl about the bad roads, we will give them as much space in the Graphic as they need.

We are anxious for good streets and roads as you are, and will do our best to help you. Publish your grouch in the Graphic and then people will know from what source the grouch comes.

Come on in while the swimming is good!

Shall We Yield to Plutocracy? — One hundred and forty years ago a convention of American colonists assembled in Philadelphia. They were revolting against the authority of King George of England.

The delegates signed the Declaration of Independence, demanding a new order of things. They were revolutionists who proposed to establish a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Will the people permit these principles which were bought by the blood of our fathers to die? It is for us to see that it shall never perish from the earth at the hands of the only enemy it has to fear and that enemy is plutocracy, which has taken up the fallen cepter of deposed kings.

LaGrange is a Good Town — The best in the state. She has as fine a class of citizens as can be found anywhere. She is right in the line of progress when it comes to business, but she is behind the procession when it comes to a public hall.

Memoried Glances

Julia Dyar

Contributing columnist

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.