Columnist: Beauty is like an almanac

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2016

“Beauty is like an almanac; if it lasts a year, it is well.” — Thomas Adam

I tell a lot of people beauty to me is not about what is outside, it is on the inside that counts to me! I have seen a lot of pretty horses in my life that would kick your head off, but they were lookers for sure.

Guess what, it is class reunion time and I hope you do not use the excuse you cannot get into those jeans you could 40 years ago as the reason you’re not going. You’re missing the whole point, go and enjoy all your old friends.

We have our class of ‘67 that meets the fourth Thursday in each month at Captain’s Cove. We meet at 6, eat at 7 and have a good time.

Yes, I weight 36 pounds more than I did when I finished high school, and I do not care. I will still give you a hug and laugh at your jokes.

What am I saying? Go to the class reunion!

As Bobby Yarbrough said, “It will be the last time all of us are together again and those are words of truth.”

If you have not paid your money, show up anyway, mix and visit with the crowd. Some people will travel thousands of miles hoping to see their old friends and some of you will not drive 8 miles.

Bill Wheeler — he was smarter than a lot of the rest of us — was in the class of ‘67 but had enough credits for them to let him out in the class of ‘66. He is flying all the way in from Arizona to be at the Troup Class of ‘66.

Why am I telling all of this? If you have not made plans to go to your reunion, make plans and go. One minute after you get there you will forget your hair left you 20 years ago or it has turned white. Who cares, go and have fun.

True story, I invited an old friend to go several times and he finally came to our class of ‘67 party. He had more fun than anyone had many hugs and lots of laughs.

Later on he said, “Jerry, the reason I never came before was because I quit my senior year, got married and got a job.”

My answer to him, “You’re still married and everybody still loves you. Neither me nor anyone else cares that you did not finish!”

Hope everyone gets the message here.

Jerry Johnson

Contributing columnist

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.