Memoried Glances: 1916 — City considers opportunity to build hospital

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 6, 2016

Augusts past, 100 years ago.

From the LaGrange Graphic, 1916.


Shall We Accept This Opportunity? — LaGrange has the opportunity of making another broad stride in her march of progress, and that opportunity is the building, equipping and maintaining a city hospital. Our late lamented citizen, Honorable J.E. Dunson, in his will set aside $10,000 to build and equip a hospital, and $500 a year for five years to help maintain the same, in consideration of the city of LaGrange contributing a like amount.

We learn that property valued at $30,000 suited to such purposes can be secured for $20,000 the owner of the property donating $10,000 of the property to the city. Here is a golden opportunity for one of the best enterprises ever promoted in the city, an enterprise that is badly needed.

It is true that some charitable work would be done, but the work for those who would pay should insure it to be a paying proposition. Let our people consider well this opportunity to promote an enterprise for the relief of suffering humanity, and which will place us in the front ranks of progress.

LaGrange needs an auditorium and needs it badly. Will not some of LaGrange’s moneyed men arise to the situation and give to LaGrange that which would be a lasting monument to their name?

West Point did herself proud when she erected their magnificent auditorium. LaGrange has more wealthy men than West Point, must it be said that West Point is more progressive than LaGrange?

LaGrange Should Have More Residences And Modern Hotel — LaGrange is the best town in the state of Georgia, but because of that fact our people should not sit down with the spirit of complacency which seems to have obsessed some of our good citizens.

LaGrange is growing, and her programs along industrial lines is marvelous, but we need to look after our social interest as well as our material interest. The burning need of our city today is more residences and more storehouses.

Shall we continue to suffer for lack of these things? We have nothing to say against our hotels, but LaGrange needs a modern, up-to-date, well-equipped hotel that would be an attraction to the traveling public, and one that would secure the Sunday patronage of hundreds of traveling men who go to West Point, Opelika or Atlanta to spend Sunday.

Let the business men of LaGrange get busy and organize an investment company, the object of which shall be to purchase suitable lots on which residences shall be erected to see that no one who desires to cast their lot with us will be turned away because of the fact that no home can be secured. And let this same company see that another year shall not have passed without a first-class hotel being erected.

You men who have the wherewith to accomplish things, what say you?

Front Page News

Handsome Gift To First Methodist Church — The First Methodist Church in LaGrange is the recipient of a handsome individual communion service which was recently presented to it by Mrs. Sara Render.

The service consists of six mahogany tables, cabinet style, each table containing 80 individual glasses for the wine and a glass dish for the bread. The service was used for the first time Sunday morning, and beside it being much more sanitary, the communion was administered in about half the time it usually takes.

The entire membership of the church appreciates this beautiful and useful service, and they expressed their appreciation to Mrs. Render Sunday morning by a unanimous rising vote.

Hillside Baptist Church Organizes Sunday — Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, a Baptist Church was organized at Hillside Mills in LaGrange.

Reverends G.W. Poore and T.H. Landers, assisted by several local and visiting deacons, constitute the Presbytery. A Sunday School was also organized.

Reverend T.H. Landers will serve as pastor, and services will be held on the second Sunday in each month. At present services are being held at the pavilion, but a church building will be erected at an early date to accommodate the people.

There are already 60 members to begin with and the probability is that a membership of more than 200 will soon be attained.

News From Salem — Mr. Charles Cleaveland, one our boys who for some years past has made his home in the far west, is visiting his home here.

During his absence he has traveled extensively from California eastward and has enjoyed many interesting experiences. He is a popular movie actor with one of the most widely advertised Film companies of the United States.

Memoried Glances

Julia Dyar

Contributing columnist

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.