Our view: Allegations and presumption of innocence

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 7, 2016

The recent allegation against taekwondo instructor Robert “Toby” Young has very serious implications, but the outpouring of support by students and others illustrates how important it is to remember that, as the old saying goes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Right now we don’t know the full facts of the case, and it’s important not to rush to judgment one way or another until all facts have been presented and Mr. Young has his day in court. However, that Mr. Young works closely to children on a daily basis means chances shouldn’t be taken when such a serious allegation arises.

This case isn’t unique to Mr. Young. Anyone accused of a crime will have their day in court, but the matter of public safety dictates people should know of potential threats.

People charged with major crimes and prominent people charged will grace the newspaper with the allegations against them. This is not a condemnation against them, neither is the presumption of innocence until their day in court an exoneration.

Allegations, charges and accusations are just that. As a newspaper, we try to make this clear and convey that this information comes from public records like police and court reports or proceedings. Many may interpret this as a immediate assumption of guilt, but all of us should keep in mind everyone should have a fair chance.

The legal system’s wheels are turning. Those accused have their chance to prove their innocence or be found guilty in a jury of their peers.