Columnist: The biggest losers

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 5, 2016

If you study the polls, there are some discrepancies concerning Trump and Clinton. However, one consistency among all the polls is that most Americans very much dislike Clinton and Trump. Both candidates are extremely unpopular.

Why are Clinton and Trump so despised by the American public? The answer is pretty simple. These two people are very imperfect. I can’t think of anybody more imperfect than Clinton or Trump.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton not because I like her that much. In fact, I dislike her. She is, first of all, a liar. She has lied about her emails and the Clinton Foundation. She also lacks the political instincts to win an election. That is why I still believe Trump will win the presidency in November.

As I have written, Donald Trump will not beat Hillary Clinton. Clinton will defeat herself because of her general incompetence.

I am voting for Clinton because I am primarily voting against Donald Trump. Trump is not prepared to be our commander in chief. Anyone who wants to have a great relationship with Vladimir Putin should never be president.

I have absolutely no respect for Putin. He is simply a two-bit thug. Trump evidently has no problem with that.

Trump has absolutely no core political values. If you think he is a conservative, then I have some oceanfront property in Tennessee you need to buy.

Ronald Reagan was an authentic conservative. Believe me, Trump is no Reagan. That is why conservatives like George Will and David Brooks are not supporting him.

When it comes to the immigration problem, Trump is all over the map. I really don’t know what he believes from one day to the other. Neither does he. Even his own advisors at times don’t seem to know what his convictions are.

Trump’s most faithful supporters are uneducated white men. These folks really don’t care what he says or does. They will blindly follow him wherever he goes on the political map. Hillary Clinton will never be able to attract these uneducated voters.

Again, I am not trying to defend Hillary Clinton. In truth, I wish President Obama could run for a third term. He is one of the smartest politicians I have ever seen. If Obama were running against Trump, he would soundly defeat Trump. There’s no doubt about that.

Yes, I like Obama a lot more than I like Clinton. The man is a bonafide progressive. Unlike Trump, he has core political values he faithfully follows. That is important to me.

I just wish we had someone to vote for that we could be proud of. Again, like most Americans, I like neither Clinton nor Trump. The American voters are the biggest losers in this race. I feel sorry for them.

Larry Summerour

Contributing columnist

Larry Summerour of Troup County is a retired pastor who enjoys political commentary.