New dentist joins growing practice

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 3, 2016

LaGRANGE — Soon, patients at Kersey Dental will be seeing a new face around the office with the addition of Dr. Brooks Rollings to the practice’s dental team.

Dr. Douglas Kersey has been over Kersey Dental since he took over Dr. Patrick Hunnicutt’s practice in 2007, when Hunnicutt retired. The practice has grown over the years prompting the office’s relocation to Kia Drive two years ago. This growth has also made it necessary for Kersey to bring another dentist into his practice.

“Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with a growing practice,” said Kersey. “We’ve grown really rapidly … so I started to recognize that I almost couldn’t handle all the patient flow, and so when Brooks called me, I had already started thinking in my mind about what are we going to do when we outgrow one doctor. … It just felt like the right fit to me.”

Rollings is a graduate of UAB, the dental school of the University of Alabama System, and has practiced in Fort Myers, Florida, since 1995 when he joined his father’s practice there. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, and he stressed the importance of relationships with patients to his practice.

“(Kersey and I) both believe in creating a quality dental practice and (making) patients feel like family,” said Rollings. “We both study a lot of continuing education. We both love doing complex cases, cosmetic cases. I do a lot of veneers and cosmetic stuff, over the years, but I also love taking care of families. It is more of a family practice.”

Both dentists have children in the Troup County school system and family in the area, so family is an important point for them. They both expressed excitement for the new changes, but the relationships with their patients and their staff still take the spotlight.

“Anytime you change, I think you start re-evaluating what your vision is, and that is constantly evolving as we go through the years,” Kersey said. “We really believe — both of us believe — that the customer is No. 1. Service is No. 1 on our list.

“We also think, though, that our employees are our greatest asset, so we really believe that we have the best team in town, and from that, our employees can grow our vision, which is to make people smile, make people feel at home. to make them feel like a family at our practice, and so relationships are what we’re about.

Kersey emphasized how much he enjoys being able to be a part of a small community where they can be part of local events and get to know the community. Kersey is a regular volunteer at the First Baptist Dental Clinic, which offers dental care to low-income Georgia residents.

“We love LaGrange,” said Rollings. “We just wanted to get back to a simpler way of life, a smaller community. Everybody here has been great. We love it.”

For more information about Kersey Dental, or to make an appointment, call 706-242-9222. The office is located at 110 Kia Drive in LaGrange.

Dr. Douglas Kersey and Dr. Brooks Rollings. Douglas Kersey and Dr. Brooks Rollings.

By Alicia B. Hill

Daily News correspondent