Adcock’s embraces third generation of florists

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 24, 2016

LaGRANGE – Behind the counter, Debbie Davis fusses over an anniversary flower arrangement much like her mother probably would have done 50 years ago, while her son Kyle Williams greets a customer as he returns from a delivery on Monday afternoon.

The mother son team represent the continuation of a legacy of florists providing arrangements to the area through Adcock’s Flower Shop. The original shop was opened in West Point in 1958 by Grace and Pete Adcock. It stayed open until 2005 when Grace Adcock died. The shop on Vernon was opened this June.

“My mother worked in a cotton mill for West Point Pepperell, and she always had a love and a passion for flowers, and she kept begging my daddy, ‘Please, Pete, let me try this,’” said Davis. “She was probably 43 at the time when she started this in a little gas station down in West Point.

“… They kept adding and adding. The building kept getting bigger and bigger until my mom passed away at the age of 84. … She put her whole life into educating her family and working hard so that we would be provided for through the years through a flower shop.”

Davis fondly recalls riding her bicycle around her parent’s shop as a child, and though she was a nurse for years, now that she runs the flower shop with her son, she feels inspired by her mother’s legacy as a florist.

“I feel like, when I unlock that door in the morning, and I come in, I feel like my mama’s here,” said Davis. “I feel like she is guiding my hands.”

That inspiration translates into individually crafted arrangements in containers found at antique sales and flea markets instead of the standard glass vases that are available elsewhere.

“Sometimes people want their flowers in something that they can display after (the flowers) are gone,” said Williams, who added. “… Really with this being a family business, I try to run it the way my grandparents ran theirs. They started it in 1958, so I grew up in it. Things over the years have changed, but I’m trying to bring back some of those things that my grandparents did that people just don’t do anymore.”

Adcock’s delivers flowers to both people and grave sites for customers who may not be able to take the flowers themselves. With customers all over the area from Valley to Hogansville, the mother and son team stay busy with orders for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, and other events, but they make a point to make sure each arrangement is the best that they can make it by handpicking the flowers for all of their arrangements instead of just having them delivered.

“My grandmother’s philosophy was always under promise, over deliver,” said Williams. “I put the utmost passion and go the extra mile in everything really because I want to make them proud. It was their legacy.”

Adcock’s Flower Shop is located at 1761 Vernon Road and is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They can be reached at 706-302-9602.

By Alicia B. Hill

Staff Writer

Reach Alicia B. Hill at 706-884-7311.