Take care of yourself, be high on life

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Someone asked me, “Why do you preach on about knowing your blood sugar numbers?” Friends, if you’re 20 pounds overweight you may be a in the bull’s eye of a terrible thing called diabetes and not even know it. Diabetes does not spare anyone. It will take you and your loved ones if you keep gaining weight and do nothing about it. It can take your eyesight. One of my best friends in the world will never get to ride a horse again with me because it took her eyesight without notice. One of my friends that attended Auburn on a wrestling scholarship has lost a foot to diabetes. Friend, it can make your life terrible. Yes, I fight it every day and will for the rest of my life. If you drive by the college at 6:30 you will see me there most mornings walking my 10,000 steps. Then on to the gym where I lift weights. What goes in your body every day is also important to beat this terrible disease. Get with your doctor and let him help you get a game plan. My doctor says he tells people, “If Jerry can do this, you can too.” I am here to tell you, it is up to you to do something about your own health. One doctor tells me he feels like he is talking to a brick wall when he tells people to help themselves by walking, eating better (do not eat junk) and to not sit around, but to get up and move! I love reading my numbers and seeing 95 & 107 come up, not like seven years ago when I saw 270 pop up….boy, have I made a difference! I have a close friend who told me yesterday he has lost 24 pounds because I keep on him about doing better, he was smiling the whole time. He also told me he will walk down the beach with his wife and two girls next summer with a big smile because he is going to get young again. Folks that is what it takes, seeing yourself looking and doing better. Yes, I am very proud of him!


I was talking with someone the other day who had heard I am going to Colorado hunting. They said to me, “Bet you’re going to smoke every day while you’re there. I answered, “I do not smoke.” They said, “I am talking about pot. It is legal there, you know.” I thought about it a few seconds and said, “Well, no. Man, I am high on life, I do not need any dope to make me high.” I kind of laughed about that to myself every day a little. Here I am planning the hunting trip of a lifetime with my son, Jay, who really hope he gets an elk. If I get one that is a bonus, but the opportunity to take this trip with Jay is a natural high for me. We are going to one of the most beautiful states in the country and yes, I will take my Bible and read it every day. I will write in my diary every day and I will be high every day, but it will be from the natural high of living in America and having a walk with God each and every day.

Yes I am high most days when I do my morning walk because I talk with the good Lord about how blessed I am and thank Him for my family, my friends, my church and my pastor. I also pray for those who ask for prayers on Facebook. Yeah, I am high right here in Troup County and I do thank the Lord for all of the above every day.

Jerry Johnson

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Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.