Housing authority aims to lift area up with introduction of Christmas lights

Published 4:51 pm Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WEST POINT- A partnership between housing authorities has brought some Christmas cheer to the West Point Housing Authority this year.

The LaGrange Housing Authority has teamed up with the West Point Housing Authority to share some of their Christmas lights for West Point’s use this holiday season. Members of the West Point Housing Authority were in attendance along with the CEO of the LaGrange Housing Authority, Zsa Zsa Heard, at the West Point building to display the lights to the public.

Housing authorities aim to help low-income individuals and families with affordable rental housing.

Both the West Point and LaGrange housing authorities have created a residence service program where they try to change people’s lives who are living in that area.

“We are trying to alter their mindset, how they live, their everyday lifestyle, to get them ready to be good citizens in the world and most importantly, give them the opportunity to get employed,” said Heard.

The Christmas lights that were decorated to the housing authority neighborhood in West Point are similar to the lights that are usually exhibited in downtown LaGrange.

“LaGrange happened to have some extra lights sitting around and we decided to use it for West Point,” said Heard. “The ideas that we came up with in LaGrange are all ideas we wanted to share with West Point to make their place look more lively.”

“With Christmas coming up, we want people who live here to walk out and notice the lights and realize how good they look. Even if they can’t afford Christmas gifts this year, we want them to be proud that they live here and appreciate how nice the lights make the area look. Color and brightness really catches people’s attention.”

Not only are both the West Point and LaGrange housing authorities focused on serving an instrumental part in the residents’ lives, but they want the facilities to have a good-looking quality to it as well.

“I’m into rebranding and changing the stigma of housing authorities and how people view them,” said Heard. “I want the residents to receive and be encouraged by the decorations. I want our businesses to look good like other businesses. If our housing authority looks good, then it will spread throughout the community.”


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