Small business spotlight: New business brings life back to classic building

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LaGRANGE – The Dunn Truck and Tractor building buzzed with new life on Saturday, as Bob and Jacob Humphries gave the building new life with the grand opening of Troup County Farm & Yard.

The recently refurbished building was filled with friends, food and animal feed on Saturday, as local farmers came in to buy feed and congratulate the father, son team on their new business.

“The building was one of the compelling factors to open up the store,” said Jacob Humphries. “Just the neat storefront here. The opportunity to get into this building that a lot of people have known through the years, and every time that they hear that we’re opening here, we get the same reaction that they love the old building, that they always loved to come in here, and they are glad that something is going on with it.”

This store is the duo’s first foray into selling feed, but they hope to create the kind of place that they have enjoyed going to in the past as farmers.

“Daddy (Bob Humphries) grew up working in a feed meal,” said Co-owner Jacob Humphries. “They were milling feed, so I guess I always heard those stories. I grew up going to feed stores, so it is a favorite pass time and hang out for me and kids and adults in the community to go to the feed store, and just meet with everybody.”

Bob Humphries, Jacob’s father, has worked with cattle for most of his life and is excited to finally be able to open a business where he can help other people with their cattle’s needs.

“I’m 61 years old, and I bought my first calf when I was 6 years old for $20, so I’ve had cattle for 55 years,” said Co-owner Bob Humphries. “It was just part of me. I really enjoy it. I’d love to have done it when I was a little younger.”

For both of the Humphries, the spirit of family and community is vital to their business’ identity and their future success.

“Just be fair and good to our employees… (because) it’s a family thing when you open a business, I think,” said Bob Humphries. “Our whole sellers have got to be fair with us, and we’ve got to be fair to our customers, so you’ve got three different families coming together.”

The store currently has primarily feed and supplements, but the owners hope to expand to become a full service feed store in the future by carrying all the things that farmers are likely to need for their animals, like gates, troughs and fencing equipment. The owners also hope that the feed store will complement their other store, Garden Solutions on Hill Street, in supplying for local needs.

“It’s just always exciting to see a new business, and the Humphries, I’ve known them for years, and I certainly wish them the best,” said Troup County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews at the store’s grand opening.

Troup County Farm and Yard is located at 1013 Hogansville Road in the old Dunn Truck and Tractor building. They are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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