Holiday shopping available in Hogansville, West Point

Published 5:59 pm Friday, December 16, 2016

HOGANSVILLE and WEST POINT- Area residents looking for last minute holiday gift ideas don’t have to stay confined to LaGrange.

Hogansville and West Point also offer a number of specialty shops for those looking for anything from a good book to antiques to even bakery items or a much needed gift certificate to a restaurant for a night on the town.

Born Again Antiques at 304 E Main St. in Hogansville isn’t running any special deals but they the store does have some interesting antiques they are selling this Christmas season.

“We do have some 50-year-old antique and vintage ornaments that are originals that we are giving out this year,” said owner Allan Boyer. “We have some Russian ornaments here from Russia that we got and we have some figural lightbulbs that people can purchase.”

The Flowers and Dollars Stuff store in Hogansville is planning on having an enticing offer this December.

“We are having people enter a drawing where they have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate,” said owner Ginger Rollins. “We are also taking 20 percent off of all Christmas gifts customers buy this Saturday.”

Shops in West Point also are getting into the holiday spirit.

The Cakes by Debbie bakery at 1201 Second Ave., has a few specials that might intrigue people.

“We are giving out cookie trays and casseroles to go this year,” said Cakes by Debbie owner Debbie Barronton. “If you want to buy gift certificates for cakes or for a visit to River House Restaurant (which is in the same building as Cakes for Debbie) then we are selling those.”

The Jam-N-Java Coffee House and Bakery at 708 Third Ave., in West Point is introducing a special that’s centered around expressing the store’s gratitude to the customers that have supported the coffee shop over the years.

“During the month of December, if a customer orders something for Christmas such as cookies or a cake then we will give them a 5 percent discount off,” said Jam-N-Java Coffee House and Bakery co-owner Cinda Lott. “We are doing this because we just want to show our customer appreciation to everyone that comes to our shop.”


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