Local clothing store stays true to itself

Published 5:00 pm Monday, December 26, 2016

LaGRANGE – Dry Falls Outfitters, a local clothing store, likes to stick to its own formula. The owners aren’t overly concerned about what adjustments other clothing stores are coming up with.

“I can honestly say we are not price-gouging people,” said Dry Falls Outfitters Manager Jacklyn Lewis. “We stick to our guns. We’re not a company that says were going to look at another company and raise our prices because they did so. Once we set a price, then we stay with that price.”

Dry Falls Outfitters is an outdoor clothing store that specializes in selling Southern lifestyle clothing. The store features apparel from companies like North Face, Patagonia, Peach State Pride, Georgia Boy, Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, Yeti, Costa, Chaco, Toms and much more.

“We sell a unique brand, a Southern brand,” said Lewis. “We have clothes from the hunting lines, preppy clothes, mountain khakis, hiking outfits, a boutique line, fishing apparel and our Southern line sells well with the high school and college kids.”

Dry Falls Outfitters is an independently–owned business that was started by William Turner in 1936. Turner’s son Bud Turner and his daughter Mary De Palma took over the business soon after their father passed away. Both are currently the CEO and CFO of Dry Falls Outfitters.

The two Turners decided at one point to expand the business in. The first Dry Falls store opened in Griffin. The second store opened up at the mall in Macon. The third store opened here in LaGrange. The fourth store opened as a small men’s boutique store called Dry Falls at The Prado in Macon, which is a high-end shopping area in Macon.

Dry Falls Outfitters currently has four stores in the state of Georgia.

“We cater to the Southern brand but we try to carry what’s new,” said Lewis. “We are a laid back clothing store. We don’t try to be stiff. We’ll laid back with customer service. We just stick to what we do and that’s to sell but we do not push. We want people to feel welcome and hospitable here.”


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