Don’t get tripped up by the mole hills

Published 5:38 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Encouragement is a really big word! We have all had someone, it may have been a football coach, Dad or Mom, that has given you a push in the right direction. I have a friend that went to shoot sporting clay with me and his Dad never spent much time with him and he has started shooting clays with me. It has been more fun for me than him. He knew nothing about guns so he was so easy to teach because this was all new to him at age 61. What is so great is that he is surprising me how good he has gotten in such a short amount of time. Yesterday I said, “Steven, you need to hire a professional to take you to the next level because you really have a gift for shooting.

You may be thinking, “Jerry, what is your story here?” It’s simple. Here is a grown man driving all the way from Columbus every time I call him to shoot clays and he is having a blast with a kid’s game. The great part about this game is I hope I have a shooting partner for the next 30 years. Life is more fun if we take the skills we have and share with other people. I have taught several people to ride horses and they love horses till this day. If you’re good at golf or fishing, why not take someone and spend a day and share your talent, I bet you will get the most out of it. Take time to share all your talents with someone close to you, I promise you will both win.


“Rain and sun are to the flower as praise and encouragement are to the human spirit.” Unknown




Are you tripping over mole hills? This time of year there is cheer in the air but I also see people on Facebook and in my everyday life that have a little more stress. I know everyone has a mountain to climb each week. You climb the mountains one step at a time. You must keep your sense of humor along the journey or the molehills will trip you up every time. You can sit around looking at all your molehills or you can start your trip up your mountain. In our lives we have choices each and every day. When troubles come our way and your molehills become your mountains, you have stopped yourself. We must trust our faith and keep climbing the mountain we are on and we get to the top one step at a time.

I see Christmas as “Let’s love everyone.” I hear people talk about how they cannot get through Christmas because someone is not here. I loved my Dad. He would be the first to say, “Son, I am in a better place. You go and make life good for those you love.” That is what I am telling you. Make the most out of this Christmas and every day you are on earth. Be an example of a good steward, for people are watching you and do not want to fall down over the molehills.




What are you feeding your mind? What are you feeding the minds of your kids, spouse, friends, and everyone that comes in close contact with you? Do you love yourself? You should. If you love yourself then it is easy for other people to love you. Do you go out of your way to look for the good in other people? It costs no more to be nice. Look for what that boy or girl is doing good and tell them about it. My Dad would say, “You must keep your seeds watered if you want a good crop.” Now is that not true with people, young or old? Yes, it is. This is the time of year to be in good spirits so I am asking you to look for a reason to encourage every person you come in contact with each day. The battle takes place in your mind everyday on what comes out of your mouth. It can make your day go great or it can make for bad times. Yes, what you say and how you say it makes all the difference in the world.  Make your mind up to be the world’s biggest cheerleader to everyone you come in contact with. Trust me and just try it for seven days and see the change in everyone around you. When you look in the mirror, your smile will be bigger and you are the real winner. Tell me what happens.


Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty of LaGrange.