New Year, New You

Published 4:30 pm Monday, January 2, 2017

LaGRANGE- If you want to get in shape and make some healthy changes in your life heading into the new year, there are some important tips to consider when transitioning in 2017.

“Heading into the new year, there are plenty of people looking to make some changes in their life and fitness is one of them,” said Chad Thompkins, the general manager at Towne Fitness Club. “People should shoot for a goal where they can consistently workout for at least three days a week and eat healthy throughout the week. People have to say to themselves that I’m not just going to change my life for a season but I’m going to change my entire lifestyle forever. And I would say to anyone that the results will be a lot better, last a lot longer and will be permanent if you go into it with that angle.”

“If people want to start out, then a great way to start is with cardio,” said Qua Reid, a personal trainer at Max Fitness in the Mike Daniel Recreation Center. “It’s pretty simple. Going out walking, doing some laps, and sprinting. That’s all important when it comes to cardio.”

“You must emphasize nutrition,” said Steve Dittman, a Natural Pro Body Builder and the Owner of FIT24, located at 3206 West Point Road. “Eating correctly is the key and fixing your diet is important, too.”

When it comes to eating smarter or becoming more cautious of what you put in your body, there are plenty of adjustments that people can make if they’re serious about a healthier lifestyle.

“In my opinion, it’s always better to cook,” said Thompkins. “When you’re cooking the food and buying it yourself and preparing it, then you’re a little bit more mindful of what your buying, whether your feeding your kids, your wife, or just yourself. I recommend staying away from a lot of fast food restaurants and don’t make (fast food) an every day occurrence.”

“A way to go is to start a diet and that’s preparing your own food,” said Reid. “People just have to watch what they put in their mouth. Instead of eating McDonald’s or Burger King, go get a sub or a salad to eat. Cooking your own meat and vegetables is the way to go to.”

“Dodging alcohol, soft drinks, things that won’t better you are what you should stay away from,” said Thompkins. “People have to figure out what goal they have and figure out what genre of fitness best suits them moving forward.”


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