Advice on life, saving money

Published 4:59 pm Monday, January 16, 2017


“Shaken” is a great new book about Tim Tebow. You say, “I am not into the Florida Gators or ex-football players. Neither am I. This book will get your attention and make you realize you do not have any problems at all. Tim has a busy week, but has spent so much of his time with kids, yes kids, that are really sick. He has given so much of his time to help young people feel better, whether for a special meal out or to go with him to an event as his special guest. Bet you’re saying, “I was not an All-American football player.” Guess what, I was not even a star in grade school. I was too short, slow and was little! But when the Kiwanis Club takes cake and ice cream to the nursing home, every one of those people smile and have a good time with us. You do not have to be a big star to make a difference! Billy Browning and the Troup County Sportsman Club are a group of real heroes. They take kids fishing each year and also bring out people from the nursing home and let them fish. It is a group of men that walk the walk, not talk about making a difference in our community, they do it year after year.

I dare you to get this book and read it and then be a hero in your own back yard. You do not have to go to a third world country to help someone. There are plenty of groups that could use your help. We can all help young people; older people are even able to teach a grown up to read. I dare you to look around, think of some of the things you’re good at and see who you could help! You can be a blessing to many people, please take that step!




The Millionaire Mind Part 3 – It is very true that success is a direct result of loving a chosen career or business. I am happy on vacation for about four days, then I start thinking about a project I could be working of if I was back in LaGrange. I find myself calling in to check on how my agents are doing. If you love, absolutely love, what you are doing, chances are you will succeed. Wealth is more often the result of hard work, perseverance and most of all self-discipline.

Another mind set is to buy things that last and take care of them. I love this saying, “Cheap shoes wear you, you don’t wear them!” I kept my last truck more than 10 years; our current car is 10 years old and in mint condition. Some of my boots are 20 years old. They look great, feel great and will last several more years. Have you ever heard the old saying, “Penny wise, pound foolish”? I will be the first to say if I find a super bargain I will take advantage of bargains for things I use. Yes, I bought three pairs of Merrell shoes. They were on sale 60 percent off and they will last me for years to come. Take care of what you have. My heat and air on every property I own is serviced every six months. Again, take care of what you have! Make it last. In my opinion, it is better to buy a quality home at a higher price than a lower quality home at a low price. I tell people to buy the home that is best for them and their family, not Trophyville Drive.

This last bit of information is never stop learning, enjoy life, stay around positive people. Find a good church home and get to know your pastor very well. Everyone will have some hills to climb and as with pulling a big load with a truck coming down that big hill, stopping safe is a bigger problem than starting. I hope I have given someone  advice that will help. Go to the used book store and get a bargain on good books of wisdom. I wish you and your family the very best.



Want to save some serious money? Stop wasting money! One of the things people can do is make their money go farther by having energy efficient homes.

I am going to make some suggestions that you can check out.

  1. If your heating system is more than 10 years old, call and get a local heating and air company to come out, look at your system and tell you what it would cost to replace with a new system that is energy efficient.
  2. While they are looking, ask them what type and how much insulation is in your attic. Several years ago, builders put in R-19 but today R-38 is what you should have. Now there is foam insulation for your attic that is even better.
  3. If you have single pane windows, look at getting double pane and saving more money.
  4. Caulk the cracks and weather strip your doors.
  5. Pull the blinds down at night to keep rooms a little bit warmer at night.
  6. Use the new-type light bulbs.
  7. Do not run the thermostat up and down like you’re eight years old.
  8. Let’s talk about your car. Make sure all the tires have correct tire pressure.
  9. Have your car tuned up, change the oil filters, service the transmission and your car will run better and last longer.
  10. Take care of the things you paid your hard-earned money for. Part of being a good steward is taking care of all your belongings. Trust me, you will save money and be safer.

Jerry Johnson is president of First Realty.