Work Out: Trusting the process

Published 5:17 pm Monday, January 23, 2017

LaGRANGE- Having a plan day after day on how to approach living a healthy lifestyle is essential. Healthy living involves a multitude of things, whether your trying to lose weight or just want to stay fit: eating correctly, what to eat and what not to eat, exercising, figuring out what exercises best suits you and most importantly, being consistent when it comes to committing to living healthier.

“When it comes to people who are trying to lose weight, I have them do cardio workouts like running on a treadmill at a slower pace to work up their endurance – since it’s probably low – and I have them do some incline work,” said Angie Bryan, a trainer at Towne Fitness Club. “I think someone who is just starting to workout should workout three times per week.”

Bryan starts with the basics.

“When people come in, what I like to focus on is their endurance,” said Bryan. “I have them do a lot of agility training and strengthening and conditioning. I go back to the basics: jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, planks, just basic stuff. I use Tabata too, which is a workout that features exercises that last for four minutes.”

She also gives advice about what kind of diet to keep before and after a workout.

“I tell people to take in some good carbs right before a workout (sweet potatoes, brown rice) to fuel their bodies,” said Bryan. “After the workout you can replenish with some good proteins, like a protein shake, within 30 minutes after your workout.”

When it comes to selecting what foods are best to eat for a person who is focusing on losing weight, Bryan has a different way of looking at it.

“I don’t use the word ‘diet’ because that means short term,” said Bryan. “We want to have healthy habits. It’s about getting on track when eating breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. We all think we have to starve and don’t eat a lot in order to lose weight but you have to eat to lose weight. You have to eat the right amount of carbs and proteins and eat a healthy snack throughout the day.”

“If you don’t eat, what your body is going to do is if it has no fuel, it’s going to go into starvation mode and it holds onto those fat cells and it’s not going to release them. Your body needs carbs.”

Bryan encourages her clients that if they’re going to eat something that might be high in cholesterol or something that is sweet like a donut or cake, then eat a small piece of it.

“I tell my clients to eat things in portions. If you’re going to eat something sweet, then cut one half of it and set it aside and just eat the other half and enjoy that half you have. Set aside the other half so you won’t feel like you have to finish it.”

Bryan states that she stresses to her clients that on a daily basis they need to take in a combination of good carbs, lean meats, good proteins and healthy fats like almonds and avocados. If they do, then they will be fine.

Bryan sees the biggest challenge for people who are trying to lose weight or trying to live healthier is being committed to it everyday.

“My main message to people is that you can take time to rest but don’t quit,” said Bryan. “My challenge as a trainer is to make sure my clients are accountable when they are away from me and getting them to trust the process.”


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