Lunch is Served

Published 3:42 pm Monday, February 27, 2017

HOGANSVILLE- God’s Bread Basket, a faith-based organization that’s focused on reducing hunger and poverty in Hogansville by gathering and distributing food to residents without cost, held its first fundraiser luncheon Sunday afternoon at The Depot at Main Street Market on Sunday.

As many as 80 people showed up to buy a spaghetti lunch as volunteers of the organization served the community Sunday afternoon and raised money for the charity.

“This is our first luncheon of what we’re hoping to be an annual event,” said Terry Rainwater, the co-director of God’s Bread Basket. “It’s something new where we’re trying to generate some funds to support our ministry.”

Some of the food that God’s Bread Basket usually gives out to needy families was on display as soon as you walked in The Depot were can foods (carrots, green beans, peanut butter, black-eyed peas, sweet peas, peaches, corn), a box of noodles, crackers and cookies, bags of rice, and other items.

For financial donations and funds, the ministry solely depends on support from individuals, churches and different organizations.

“Exposure and awareness,” said Rainwater, referring to the importance of the luncheon. “We’ll trying to get out of the secret business and make more people aware about God’s Bread Basket. We’re trying to provide for around 250-270 families a month and were hoping to reach as many families as we can.”

Last year, the non-profit organization gave out about 156,000 pounds of food to families in need and Rainwater wants to continue to reach more families.

“If there are families that don’t need our services said Rainwater, we’ll hoping that they know families that do need our service.”


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