Brown: A tumultuous first 50 days of the Trump Presidency

Published 1:46 am Monday, March 13, 2017


In our lifetimes we have never witnessed anything like President Trump’s first 50 days. A combination of huge changes that Former President Obama did during his eight years, the rapid undoing of these changes by Trump, a country that was badly divided prior to the election of Trump and even more divided now, unbelievable obstruction by the left and Trump’s modus operandi make this a very tumultuous time!


There are numerous sources that document Obama’s changes including my Feb. 10 article titled “What is former President Obama’s legacy?” Suffice it to say Trump inherited a mess which by the way so did Obama, to be objective.


Trump has already done more than any president in modern history. In his Feb. 28 address to Congress, he listed 29 accomplishments. Since then he has issued a new Executive Order about immigration; admittedly he made mistakes with his first version. What amazes me is it was Obama who first identified the seven countries, deported more than 2 million during his eight years and originally identified the 675 ICE recently rounded up and other presidents have restricted immigration.  Oh well, let me stop confusing with facts.


On Feb. 17, Speaker Ryan filed the first of THREE stages of repealing Obamacare and replacing it. Unlike Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said in 2010 as the House prepared to vote on Obamacare  “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it” this replacement bill will go through an extensive legislative process. By the way Pelosi is now saying, “The American people have a right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote;” talk about a double standard!


Since his election the stock market has added $3T, in his first month there has been a 40 percent reduction in border crossings and the labor figures for his first month are far better than predicted!


In addition to inheriting a very badly divided country Trump’s victory sent the left into disarray with many hysterical reactions. Never before has the minority party been more obstructionist!


Treasonous acts by some employees of the 17 intelligence agencies by leaking information to the press has been another case of the left wreaking havoc. Obama aided and abetted this when on Jan. 13, just 17 days before leaving office, he issued EO 12333 which greatly expanded the number of employees within the intelligence agencies who could see confidential documents.


I’m all for Congress doing a full investigation about the reality of Russia influencing the Presidential election but for heaven sakes let’s get on with it. Like you I do not know what if any influence the Russians had but my opinion is they changed very few if any voters. I’ll even go a step further and predict the end results will be far more detrimental to the reputation of the Obama administration than Trump’s.


In addition to the above we have had numerous marches but I question if they are accomplishing anything except reinforcing why 62,895,105 of us voted for Trump. However when these marches turn violent and hired thugs disrupt town hall meetings by Republicans law enforcement needs to make arrests. Why do so many on the left not want to listen to anyone who holds a different view often more fact based than theirs and usually expressed more peacefully?


The left has even gone to pressure tactics against individuals such as Golfer Rory McIllroy being slammed for playing golf with Trump, a NYT journalist calling First Lady Melania Trump a “hooker” and Nordstrom stopping the sale of Ivanka Trump’s products; not to worry her sales are reportedly up 300 percent.


If the above isn’t enough Trump also has a media that is much more to the left as is most of the entertainment industry and academia.


I do feel Trump at times creates some of his own problems by not always being factual with his tweets and at times using a tweet such as a recent one where he said “Obama had his wires tapped in Trump Tower” instead of going to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ask him to investigate. BUT Session had already recused himself from any issues related to the election. Perhaps he could have gone to the FBI, but Director Comey had asked the Justice Department to drop any such investigation. Finally, the press is already bungling this by saying that Trump should publically present facts supporting his allegations which makes all of us judge and jury. Folks that’s not how justice is handled in our country.


When you look at how few of Trump’s appointees have been approved by the Senate and realize that most departments are loaded with Obama appointees you begin to understand a key part of the tumult.  Trump needs to quickly fire most of Obama’s people just as most other incoming presidents have and we need to tell our Senators to more quickly vote on these nominees.


The above is collectively a massive effort WAY BEYOND typical opposition to try and thwart the Trump administration from doing what they were elected to do. Please understand that if Trump prevails and indeed he’s part of “Making America Great Again” the entire worldview of the left which accounts for what they do will be repudiated!


Thank goodness Trump has the energy and passion to keep moving forward, we have a Republican House and Senate, Trump’s administration will finally be in place as the stalling tactics of the left fail, increasing public support as they see successes and the rule of law prevails.