Front of City Hall repaired due to floods

Published 7:57 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The fresh new look in front of LaGrange City Hall isn’t just for landscaping purposes.


City Manager Meg Kelsey said crews have been working on the front of the building for about a week, repairing damage from a water leak discovered in December after a heavy rain.


A crew from Lawrenceville-based Engineered Restorations is finishing up this week and the front of the building will be re-landscaped, she said. The cost of the project is $66,400.


The damage was found in the basement and as crews began work, a crack was found in the wall.


“We had to get Serv-Pro in here to clean up water; we had to replace walls,” she said.


The damage was discovered in December after a hard rain flooded the basement. The room most affected was the city’s building office but, lucky for everyone involved, it was vacant and being used for storage. Now in the room, windows are covered with plastic and drywall is missing about two feet off the floor while repairs go on.


Kelsey pointed out a water-damaged sign where water had come in straight down the wall.


“We won’t have anyone back in here until this is all cleaned up and repainted,” she said.