HYPE holds social media workshop

Published 7:55 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2017

By Jennifer Shrader



Members of HYPE Troup had a refresher Tuesday on how to use social media to benefit themselves and their businesses.


Shelley Strickland, of the Strickland Group, led the session and gave advice on what to do – and what not to do.


The Strickland Group is a public relations firm and Strickland handles social media pages for many of her clients.


“Have a consistent image across all platforms,” Strickland advised. “Be professional in your social media profiles but add your own personality.”


Even in her own profiles, Strickland mentions she’s a wife and mother, she said.


Strickland told members to treat their social media pages like a job, and interact with people regularly with frequency and contact based on their audience.


“Do what feels right for your brand and your audience,” she said.


Keep posts short, simple and correct, she said. Spelling and other errors make it look like someone doesn’t have attention to detail, which can be a problem if you’re using social media to find a new job.


Along those lines, don’t use social media to:

Complain about your current job;

Share too much;

Post “party” pictures;

Vent too much;

Aggressively network;

Have controversial conversations, particularly with politics;

Discuss illegal activity.


“That last one shouldn’t even need to be said,” Strickland said.