Memoried Glances: Mays Past, 100 years ago in 1917

Published 10:00 am Thursday, May 4, 2017

From The LaGrange Graphic

Front Page News: Dunson Hospital Open for Business – Thursday evening, May 3rd, the Dunson Hospital was formally opened with a reception.

This enterprise, which put LaGrange abreast of the most progressive cities in the State, was made possible by the liberal procisions in the will of the late J.E. Dunson, who left $10,000 toward the establishing of such an institution, and $500 a year for five years, provided the city would contribute a like amount.

Our city officials realized the need for such an enterprise, soon found that the Slack Sanatarium, being used as a hotel, was suitable for the purpose. Negotiations began with Dr. Slack and a deal was made. Dr. Slack sold the property to the city for $20,000. At his death Dr. Slack leaves the institution $5,000.

The hospital is thoroughly furnished and equipped for every class of patients. There is a surgical and a medical ward for women, men, children and African Americans.

Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway will furnish one room, as will Mrs. Albert Dunson and daughter, Celeste.

This is an opportunity for some of our men of wealth to help laudable enterprise, as it is bound to take money to run the hospital. Who will be the first to give a liberal amount to help alleviate suffering humanity?

Baseball Season Opens Here Monday – The fifth season of the Georgia-Alabama League opens in this city on next Monday, May 7, with a strong Griffin team as the first opponents of our boys.

Stores will be closed and the management is expecting an overflow crowd. Nothing helps the players more than a good enthusiastic home crowd. Bring your tin horns and cow bells as no noise will be barred.

Nothing advertises a town more than a good live baseball club with male and female fans who turn out and root for their home team.

Be sure all your fun is clean and gentlemanly as no other fun is really enjoyable. If we have the misfortune to lose, just pull all the harder and our luck will change. All knockers please leave their hammer at home.

Fans, it’s up to you. Let us hope for a successful season!

National Bank Building Under Construction – Contractors broke dirt Monday for the erection of The LaGrange National Bank Building at the corner of Broome and Main Streets and the work will be pushed to an early completion.

The first floor of the two-storied building will be used for the National Bank and the Savings Bank; the second floor for the Offices of Callaway Mills.

The building will be 42X80 feet, fronting on Main street, with a side entrance on Broome street. All fixtures of the banking room will be of steel and marble. The building will cost about $70,000 and will be one of the handsomest structures of its size in the State.

Hoggson Brothers, of New York, have both the architectural and construction work in hand.

Troup County Food Council Organizes – A meeting was held in the court house last Friday at 10:00am for the purpose of perfecting an organization dedicated to the raising, conserving, storing and marketing of feed stuff and food products.

The meeting of a few county leaders was called by Dr. Alex E. Keese, who is working with the State Agricultural Department.

Mr. J.E. Dunson Jr. was elected chairman and Mr. Ely R. Callaway, secretary. County-at-large members were elected from each district in the county.

A company will be organized and work begun at once to build a warehouse and storage room sufficient to take care of all farm products such as corn, peas, velvet beans, peanuts and potatoes.

This movement will guarantee farmers safety in caring for their products. A stock company has been organized with a capital of $25,000 to build a warehouse to take care of all farm products except cotton. It will be ready for business as soon as the work can be pushed to completion.

Red Cross Society Organized Wednesday – As previously announced, a meeting was held in the Court house Wednesday to organize a Red Cross Society in LaGrange.

Mr. Willis Milner Jr. of Atlanta addressed the meeting, setting forth the needs of the organization, and giving a brief history of its origin and success.

As a result of this meeting more than fifty members have enrolled and more than two hundred are expected to join in the next fe days.

Dr. H.W. Terrell was elected chairman and Mrs. T.J. Thornton, vice chairman.

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.